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How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

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    I work for a Air charter provider.

    The cost depends many factors.

    1. Number of passengers/ weight&size of cargo

    2. Destinations

    3. Length of trip ..i.e Overnight, stopping for a few hours, a week?

    4. International

    For a typical 1-8 passenger trip on a Lear Jet or simliar, its about 1500-2500.00 an hour. The cost per hour on the ground waiting for you after the first hour is 100-500.00 per hour. An overnight is about 1500.00 per night.

    For 9-30 pax, its about 2500-4500.00 an hour. wait time is 500-1000.00 per hr, and overnights are 2000.00 or so.

    Over 30- to about 80pax, its about 3500-5000.00 a hr. Wait time si 1500-2000.00 an hour, and overnights are about 2500.00 per day.

    Flight time is not just the city you are going from to the city you going to, it also includes the position and return legs for a trip. (Home base to home base, unless you can get a one way)

    Its not cheap, but the reason for it is simple. We fly hundreds of trips a month, both passenger and cargo, and it comes down to 2 things. #1 - Timing and #2 Convience.

    Try getting a entire sports team of 75 people all through security, checked into a commerical flight and making sure all the luggage makes it on time. Just asking for problems, especially when it comes to playoffs. March Madness would be really fun to watch if teams got stuck or delayed and didnt show up for the game. We can fly point to point, with no change overs and be there when you need us.. 3am, no problem

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    It can vary widely by the type/size of aircraft, and other factors such as positioning time and whether the trip is round-trip or one-way.

    In general, with a jet charter trip you will be charged for all time that the jet must fly for your trip - whether or not it's a 'live' leg with you on it or a positioning leg. If your flight requires a jet to fly in to pick you up, you pay for that flight time. Also, if you take a one-way flight, the jet still needs to fly back to its home base without you so you may pay for that as well. Even with a round-trip flight, if you plan on staying for more than a few days often the jet will still need to return so it's not just sitting earning no revenue, so it's possible you can be charged for two one-way flights rather than getting the savings of a round-trip.

    The best questions to ask:

    1.) how big of a jet do I need - how many passengers do you have? how long is the flight? am I ok if the jet needs to stop for fuel once or twice in order to get a smaller jet? will I have a lot of luggage?

    2.) what is my itinerary like - in and out of major metro hubs where I will be able to get a jet without requiring one to position in, or a more remote location where one may need to come get me? how long is my flight? is it round-trip or one-way, and if a round-trip, how many nights am I staying?

    To get a better gauge of representative pricing by aircraft size / model as well as other information on how charters are priced, I would recommend this site as a starting resource:


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    Here is an example of private jet pricing:

    PrivateFly.com recently flew a team of sales executives from a UK pharmaceutical company, who were on a very tight schedule, to meet with several European suppliers. They ideally wanted to have three meetings in the same day – in Paris, Flensburg and Edinburgh – and it was important for them to minimise their time away from the office. They considered both scheduled airlines and private charter to compare both time and cost savings. Taking a six-seater private jet saved them nearly 30 hours in travelling time – and more surprisingly – also saved the company £1790 in overall costs, (based on scheduled business-class fares and related overnight/ driving costs versus the cost of a small, six-seater jet).

    In addition to these time and cost savings, the team found that travelling by private jet brought many additional advantages; they were also able to use time in the air for confidential discussions and to plan for each of the meetings in the knowledge they were in a secure and private environment. The end result was that the team arrived on time for each of the meetings - relaxed, focused and prepared.

    To find out how much it costs to fly by private jet, use this private jet cost calculator: http://www.privatefly.com/privatejet-search.html

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    Depends on the size of aircraft. Average cost $2,500 to $5,000 USD per flight hour. 50% higher if it is only a 1-way trip. Figure a block-to-block average of 450 mph.

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