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Isn't it ridiculous to continue to call Florida the Sunshine State? You never even get two sunny days in a row?

in Florida anymore. Ten years ago it was true that Florida had 300 days of sunshine a year. But with global climate change, Florida now gets 300 days where it rains and the rain doesn't last for a half hour like it used to. It can rain for days.


By global climate change I'm referring to natural shifts in the world's climate caused by natural phenomena like El Nino and the Arctic Oscillation. I'm not in any way referring to the nonsense that Al Gore and his brainwashed disciples have been babbling about for over a decade. That manmade climate change Gore theory is utter nonsense.

Update 2:

I agree. AZ would be the ideal place to live if it weren't for the dust storms and the blast furnace getting turned on in the summer.

Update 3:

The intensity of the heat I know of well. Yes Florida always received a lot of rain, but it was manageable rain, the so called ten minute downpours in the rainy season. Now there's no rainy season. It just rains all the time. I's unbelievable that a clear day in Florida where it's sunny the whole day is almost unheard of now. As recently as five years ago Florida got at least 170 days a year of brilliant sunshine. It seems that there was a climatic shift in florida in 2005 after the four hurricanes hit us simultaneously, capped by the killer, Wilma. That was the year of Katrina.

Update 4:

The weather is terrible though and I don't buy your ratio of 200 days of sun to

165 days of rain. Your counting days where there's any sunshine at all, even for ten minutes. There are no more than ten days a year in Florida now where it's sunny for the whole day.

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    It is so named for the intensity of the sunshine, not the amount. Only Hawaii gets more intense sunshine then FL, and FL got the name long before HI became a state in 1959.

    Florida has always recieved lots of precipitation

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    It does not take days to rain, maybe hours, but not days. Although it is true that it can rain for days on end, there is a break in between the rains. During the summer, the sun can shine for months and we end up in a small drought. I think that the rain to sun ratio is more like 200 days of sun to 165 days of rain.

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    Precipitation in Florida has increased over 12,000% since 1952.

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    Al Capone called it " ... my sunny Italy of the New World".

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    right, they should move the title to AZ

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