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(Correct link) I might be an elective mute? But what's wrong with that? I don't understand. Enlighten me.?

PLEAS GO TO THIS LINK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND! If you don't go to this link, then don't answer my question.;_ylt=AswD0...

I posted this question just last night..Got some pretty good answers, and I learned a few things about myself..Hell, my psychiatrist keeps telling me i'm anti-social, but I'm not. I'm just a quiet person, like..Imagine the protagonist "LINK" in the LOZ games.

But WHY is this a problem? Why are people telling me to practice speaking? I don't want to! I just want to know how to communicate without actually speaking..I hate speaking to people. And I don't really like it when people talk..My BEST example is..The game that I felt absolutely relaxed with playing was the legend of zelda, because no one spoke..It was just text, I got to read through it..

But with video games nowadays like GTA IV, AC2, whenever someone talks, I turn the volume down..

I don't know why. Now WHY is this a problem? At my last school, I was with a group of talkative people that understood me without me having to speak. My teachers even read my face..I love being quiet..God, and It's NOT a self esteem issue..I just don't like talking, other then Iming someone or texting them..It's a hassle. And combine THAT with my heavy european accent, along with people continuously asking me "what?" after everything I say.

I always have to repeat myself just because these stupid kids at my school can't understand me. That makes it difficult to get into conversation with others. And I express my annoyance by sighing heavily, and shaking my head. I have a weird accent that most people can't make out..It's like..I don't know, either polish or Russian..Don't ask..My ancestry is literally from all over. It's hard memorizing what nationality I am. I just go on to say that I'm a mutt. (slang for mixed)

Excuse me for ranting, but..I just don't understand what's wrong with not speaking. A lot of people from my past understood me just by my body language, and facial expression..Besides, people are so rude..I live in the city, and..I'm not like them..I'm calm, collective, and soft, while these people are like..Just plain loud and obnoxious. Proof of this is when I actually try saying something in class, and people just ignore me. They interrupt me all the time, even the adults..Even when I talk to someone, that person keeps interrupting me, not letting me finish.

So, you tell me what's wrong..I've already told you what's wrong. Now I'd like to hear what you people think is wrong. Besides, people best understand me if I just hold my silence..So, do I REALLY have to practice speaking? Cuz I really don't want to..Really, I don't..At one of my middle schools, people beat me up a lot, but..The girls liked me, a lot..And that was because I was quiet, and gentle..I never got angry. I used to be groped, even o.o..But it wasn't until I started talking that..The moment was ruined. Yeah, I am weird, and I do say the wrong stuff, which further justifies my right to hold my silence and still be accepted.

Now it's your turn to talk. I had to post this twice because I accidentally put in a broken link, and because I said some offensive things...Now, see what I mean? That's an example..

Also, I don't have a problem with being a "mute"..It's the other people that have the problem..


How am I lazy? I just don't like noise..

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    No wonder you like the Zelda titles, they were deliberately made that way. The developers thought that the player would enjoy the game more if the protagonist didn't speak (as the player couldn't interact with the in game characters). Shigeru Miyamoto wanted the protagonist to be the 'link' between the player and the game, and hence Link came to be named.

    Unfortunately, verbal communication is something that society runs on. Imagine getting a job or even getting served when you go out - you have to ask in order to get what you want and need.

    I would be great if we could be hermits in a cave (my cave would have electricity, internet and hot & cold running water) in order to get away from all the things that we don't like. Other people and their rudeness/annoying behaviour/loudness are always going to be there. It's how you react and perceive them that you can control.

    Is it your accent what is troubling you? People make fun of the way I mispronounce things so sometimes I'll get someone to say something and I'll watch how they hold their mouth when they say it - I figure if I say it like them, then they'll understand me and won't be able to poke fun!

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    Hmmm. Simply put, you're lazy.

    To understand why everyone's frustrated with you, imagine that you have a class with someone who hates showering and never showers whenever he/she can get away with it. Seems unpleasant, right? Another analogy is the influx of immigrants in western countries (mainly the US) who, even if their comprehension is good, refuse to speak the common language. Obviously, disregard and entitlement has only worsened their situation. Since it's expected that people (excluding those with abnormal cognition) respect social norms by using speech to communicate, it's no wonder your peers have assumed that you're mentally incapable of abiding by this expectation.

    Do you really think that you can go through life without speaking? It's possible, but you'll be in a federal hospital.

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