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Why are the 9mm, 40 s&w, and .357 mag. always compared to the .45 acp ? Is .45 acp the best overall handgun?

If these calibers are close to as good as each other then why is everything compared to the .45 acp for self defense?

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    .45 ACP used to be just about the most common round used in the United States, both for civilians and the military. Everyone was familiar with it and knew its power and capabilities. Therefore, when comparing another round, many people refer to the .45 ACP for reference.

    You see the same thing in many facets of life. When comparing nuclear explosions, everyone references the Hiroshima bomb. This in itself is not really a unit of measurement, but everyone knows the power that the bomb held and the kind of destruction it brought, so it is an easy reference.

    Also take horsepower in vehicles. Back when cars were first invented, people had no idea how to judge the power of a vehicle since no one had ever seen one before. Therefore, when measuring power, they used horsepower because at the time, horses were the most common form of transportation.

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    I doubt that when shot, anyone has ever been able to distinguish what caliber went though him. When an attacker is stopped with a firearm, it's because he's dead or he really really wants you to stop shooting him. Obsessing over sizes, grades, and shapes is a silly use of your time. The best hand gun and the best ammo is whatever you happen have with you when someone is shooting at you.

    45 ACP is a good round. It's intimidating and common enough for everyone to know what it is, therefore it's the round that everything else is compare to.

    I keep an H&K USP 45 for the home, It's just personal preference

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    45 ACP rounds can expand into the .70 and .80 caliber range,with velocity of 850 feet per second to 1150 feet per second depending on grain weight and also if it was +p round which has more gun powder.And the other rounds mentioned will never achieve that,And 45ACP is more of a close quarter handgun as you can see by the numbers,but the expansion is phenomenal.And 40 s & w is very good defensive round,i would take one if no 45 was available for me,it is 10mm round that has been shortened down to make a little more controllable,even though it has been shortened down from the original 10mm round the 40 s & w is still a monster reaching velocities measuring from 985 feet per second to 1190 feet per second,and reach .55 to .65 depending on grain the 357 mag up to 1450 feet per second depending on grain weight,and expansion from .36 to .69 depending on grain weight and barrel length.The 9mm velocity ranges from 990 feet per second to 1250 feet per second,with expansion to .55 to .70 depending on grain weight and if it was a +p round which has more gun powder.All of these are pretty much on the hollow point,and if these were full metal jackets the numbers will different and they don't expand.

    When it comes down to it the 45 has great close quarter abilities,as well as the 40 s & w.These two are my favorite handguns.There is a 357 sig which is a 40 s & w round necked down to a .357 caliber and these have magnum velocities as well as better ballistics.

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    9 mm, .40, .357 and .40 5 I even have sturdy adventure with all of them and own a minimum of considered one of each now. i nevertheless caught with my glock 30 or Ruger 1911 once I circulate away the abode. you will no longer discover a extra valuable around then the .40 5. the 9 mm. is decrease than powered and you ought to desire it expands. it is going in small and remains that way too many of the time. the FBI did a study a pair of years in the past that asserts maximum increasing bullets fail. the cautioned which you employ super high quality like .40 5 hollow factors if 9mm paintings they gets on the threshold of the place .40 5 starts off. the final highway historic previous is a .a hundred twenty five grain remington semi jacket .357. in spite of the incontrovertible fact that that's carried by way of a great variety of folk for a brilliant variety of years. .40-one magazine is a sturdy searching around and not undesirable self protection around. no longer over powering. the fnfiveseven is a fad which will in no way get a sturdy carry in the united states of a. that's loaded with false impression, it fairly is armour piercing, no longer. right away deadly, no. that's coated by way of maximum of dumb arguments that the "magic bullet" get perpetually. until extra people certainly get to shoot it the overestimated weapons will save the myths a stay. my opion .40 5 in a gun you like is the final protection weapon

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    The .357 is a bulky gun and holds very few rounds compared to these other pistols and also very loud. The other calibers place each bullet in your hand. You'll see the difference and know why shooting a .45 is better. It pacts a hard hit and its semi-auto. Just more expensive.

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    The .45 acp is just beast.

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    I vote .357 , it has a long standing rep of being one of the best compact man stoppers

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