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Who's the most hated team in the NHL?

Id say the Penguins bunch of B!T(HES.. though i do enjoy playing with them in NHL 10


Im sure my boston logo had nothing to do with your answer scott.

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    There isn't one, its hockey not baseball.

    You could prolly get 30 different answers from fans of 30 different teams.

    I don't hate the Pens I hate Matt Cooke (and Ulf Samuelson).

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    Probably the Penguins... at least I hate them the most (along with the Canadiens) But they are a bunch of whiners that say Ovechkin is dirty when they have a guy (Matt Cooke) that nearly killed Marc Savard! I dont know what happened with no suspension on the hit but even people that are Penguins fans say the hit was dirty and hopefully, if they have common sense, switched to another team. Sidney Crosby may be a good hockey player but he is, i think, the most hated.

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    Basically, any team yours isn't.


    1) The Maple Leafs. A team with a hockey-crazy town, a lengthy (not great) tradition, and ownership happy to capitalize on losing deserves anyone's scorn. Sorry, there's nothing loveable about losing. This makes the Leafs as easy to hate as the Cubs.

    2) Phoenix. It's the desert. They're fine if they're in Winnipeg.

    3) Anaheim. Named after a Disney-flick. Hardly pride-inspiring.

    4) Thrashers. This isn't a skateboard magazine, it's a hockey team. At last check, Atlanta was in the south, and already lost a team. Why did the NHL bother?

    5) Predators. When Taylor Swift is doing ads for your team on t.v., you know you're in trouble.

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    I hate pittsburgh but I also love playing with them in NHL 10. The funnest team to be is Team USA for some reason, even though I hate them.

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  • Ok soo you think Pens suck...and everybody hates them...well you know just to make that clear every Pittsburgh Native and Crosby lover is a Pens fan (and trust me, there are a lot of them) and they were rated the best fans by FORD...

    And I dont know how you came up with everyone hating Pittsburgh...OBVIOUSLY the Toronto Maple Leafs are the faves to hate...Leafs suck, but I support them because they are my home The most Hated team in the NHL is TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS

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  • Being a Pittsburgh fan, I'd say people hate the Penguins because of the great players they've had (yes I know it is thanks to a lot of early draft picks and a lottery ball). What fan wouldn't want to have a Lemieux/Jagr/Crosby/Malkin on their team currently or at some point in the past.. In no way will the Cooke hit help though. I'll make the case for Philly being most hated though.. More recently -Hartnell bites people. Richards took David Booth out for months.. There is a reason the new "head shot" rule may very well be called the "Richards Rule" and the team has the nickname "Broad Street Bullies". They are dirty players and their fans wouldn't have it any other way. Feel free to hate on me..I just might not be able to see what you say because the cup is in my way..

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    The Pens are shoved down people's throats a lot, so maybe it's them. I mean, they are on NBC too often and Versus also.

    Or the Canucks, who run picks with the twinkie twins and have the crybaby whiner Burrows, who was stupid enough to try and call out a referee and now the whole team is paying.

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    Most people seem to hate the Toronto Maple leafs, Montreal Canadiens, and the Detroit Red Wings because of their age old traditions. Those teams tend to get shoved down peoples throats a lot more than others do since they are the three teams that have won the most Stanley Cups (championships).

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    I don't know. Living in Pittsburgh it's hard to hate any other team because we have the best team in hockey and have no reason to hate on anybody. I guess that's why everybody hates on the Pens. I would be jealous too if I were to live in somewhere like D.C. I mean come on all you Washington fans praise your god Ovechkin but have no cup to show for it. As much as you want to put down Crosby and the Pens...think about this, WE WON THE CUP.

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    I agree with you about Pittsburgh. Sidney Crosby makes it easy to hate everyone on that team. I think we all secretly (or not so secretly) root for them to lose. And all the new fans they've drummed up that don't know anything about hockey can drive you nuts.

    I also really hate Montreal, but the city of Boston pays me for that.

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