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Women forced to have sex on japanese trains?

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i heard that in crowded japanese trains, a lot of women get molested/raped by few men, is it true..? my friend told me this and to prove it he even showed me a video of a japanese ...show more
Update : derek- we looked it up after the topic rose. we didnt watch the video for ...show more
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Japanese culture is very polite and formal. However, it is sad that in Japan, there are a group of men who are not normal.

Groping on trains is quite common in Japan. In Japanese, it is called, "Chikan."

Due to the nature of the Japanese people, such incidents are rarely reported, and other passengers usually fail to interfere.
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  • Blacksheep sakura answered 5 years ago
    as the other people said there are unfortunately some men who like to molest( grope ) women in crowded trains. There are also some that put mirrors on their shoes to see under skirts and sometimes even tape it or take pictures on some type of camera. cellphone cameras are often used.
    so much so that some train companies have train cars just for women(females) and children.
    the video you saw, I would agree, is more than likely porn.(I hope so) But weird things do happen.
    It is also true that some young women use the groping thing just to get money from unsuspecting men.
    But I'd also like to say, I think this sort of thing could happen anywhere in the world as well, not just Japan.


    Lived in Japan
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  • Acekidd answered 5 years ago
    What did your friend show you? Is it a clue for you??
    True that train in Japan can be very crowed and true some men try to molest women but there is also time that woman tend to lie about the molest to get money from men.

    But to have sex on the train!! That would be too much of attraction unless it is a porn movie.
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  • Robyn answered 5 years ago
    The video you saw was porn. The only alternative would be that it was a gang rape recorded on someone's phone. That would keep it relatively short and it would be low quality. It's unlikely.

    I've heard of one rape on a train. In Japan that is, I've heard of plenty more elsewhere.

    The molester thing is more prevalent, but you're talking about trains that are so crowded you can barely breathe. You don't know whether the thing pressing against your butt is someone's hand, their groin, a bag, an unfortunate child's head, or anything else. Also if someone does get trapped with their hand pressing on your butt they can't move. Women sometimes accuse men of groping to get cash payments for silence. No-one knows exactly how prevalent groping is because of all the false accusations.

    Anyway, every country has it's perverts and it's rapists, so it's not surprising that Japan has them too.
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  • Kei5 answered 5 years ago
    The video you saw is probably porn, not real.For some reason, Japanese porn makers are crazy to make things unusual.They often shoot outside, in some public space and some people were arrested for that.
    Unfortunately, there are some dirty men in crowded train and they molest women.This is said to be real to see some documentaries on TV or to hear from my friends who are girls.I haven't seen any real case though.
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  • trashytv answered 5 years ago
    I haven't heard of that at all.

    But my teacher who went to Japan said that men on the trains can read pornographic magazines on the train. It's apparently fine. The kids are very well disciplined. He also said that in the streets, there are machines/vendors that sell pornographic materials.


    My teacher.
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  • Joriental answered 5 years ago
    Your friened is watching too many Japanese porn vids on YouTube.
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  • honeycomb answered 5 years ago
    women should retaliate and stab everyone on the train. i think thats why the Ring ghost went out wacko for revenge
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  • Melody answered 5 years ago
    Maybe its true! people do all kind of things in all kind of places. It is not hard 2 believe, cause the people of this times are BAD!!!
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    you watched porn on the internet? oh my goodness..
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  • women forced to have sex on japanese trains?
    i heard that in crowded japanese trains, a lot of women get molested/raped by few men, is it true..?
    my friend told me this and to prove it he even showed me a video of a japanese women who was forced to have sex with a lot of men on the train.... or maybe it was acting?
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