what last name goes good with the first name K.C. or Casey (for a boy)?

I have decided I want to write a book or at least try and I need some names for the characters. For the main male role I like K.C. but he needs a last name. For the main female role I like Logan, she also needs a last name. I need a lot of possibilities so feel free to give as many as you would like. I need ideas for other characters too so give me any suggestions you got.

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    not an answer, but have you read "evolution, me and other freaks of nature"? :)

    cause the names are SO similar. ;)

    cause Casey Connor, has a sister, Kayla Connor, who uses K.C., as her nickname.


    just wondering. ;)

  • 1 decade ago

    K.C. Lennelwin (len-el-win)

    K.C. Little

    K.C. Bronson

    K.C. Kenneson

    K.C. Kensington

    K.C. Finley

    K.C. Klebrad

    K.C. Meyer

    K.C. Burley

    K.C. Channer

    K.C. Ryans

    K.C. Benson

    K.C. Walters

    K.C. Maxx

    Logan Worthy

    Logan Welshire

    Logan Ramble

    Logan Trimon

    Logan Corally

    Logan Jacobs

    Logan Javon

    Logan Ventura

    Logan Luria

    Logan Lacington

    Logan James

    Logan Jamison

    Logan Walters

    Logan Woods

    Logan Maxer

    Hope this helps and good luck with your book.

  • 1 decade ago

    KC Culbertson

    KC Cunningham

    KC Kline

    Logan Billington

    Logan Lewis

    Logan Smith

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wells. Casey Wells (and I would do Casey, not K.C.)

    Logan... Turner? Logan Wilson? Logan... Porter???

    (By the way, Casey sounds more like the girl and Logan the boy, but I think they work this way too)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Remember that as your story develops, the characters will develop too.

    I started writing a story in 7th grade, and as I wrote, the characters' personalities changed too. I added people and situations, and the names no longer worked. Your names may be awesome right now, but remember that they may not fit later.

    If you want names in general, look through baby name websites and books. They're great with meanings, if you want your characters to have names that match personality.

  • Philip
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    1 decade ago

    Logan is the girl and Casey is the guy?

    You may just want to flip those names...

    anywho, KC Smith and Logan Jamieson

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