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What is the most popular .45 acp handgun and why?

Why do 1911 style .45's seem more popular than Glock .45's when Glock .45's hold more ammo ? I have heard 1911 style 45's can fire +p or +p+ ammo and Glocks can't without breaking them. Does anyone know much about either .45 auto and why one is better than the other?

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    The 1911 is a tried and true design. There is a reason it has been around for 100 years. Glock is a decent gun but you think they will still be making them in 80 years? Performance from a top shelf 1911 like Kimber will shoot way better than a glock. They make double stack 1911s that will hold more than the normal 8 rounds that a single stack holds. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for with pistols. There is a reason why Kimber and Sprinfield charge $1000+ for a good 1911.

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    I'm fond of 10mm..but it's just way too expensive and hard to find locally if you don't reload. Doubletap is one of the few places with hot 10mm ammo left and it's not cheap . The Glock 20 is a reliable gun designed to shoot 10mm but the grip is a little big. If you got a Glock 20 it would be wise to pick up a conversion barrel in .40s&w so you can practice for cheap. The .45 acp is a good round.. but frankly it's even too expensive to practice all the time now due to high metal costs. I guess it really depends on what you need . If you want a loud powerful gun you can even hunt with go for a 10mm. If you want a gun thats only for self defense get a .45

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    Tradition, design and functionality.

    -I love my Glocks but there is nothing like a 1911. Ammo cap isn't everything.

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    My Dorn 45 /410 Derringer uses 45 colt and it is deadly. I keep 410 Buckshot in my derringer instead of the 45 ammo since I'm not a marksman or is that markswoman.

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