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Traditional names VS Modern names...?

I havn't seen anyone actually do this, So I am going to do it. LOL. I am going to list a few Traditional AND Modern names below. It is going to be like one of those "This Or That" Questions. But you MUST give me your reason as to why you chose one over the other. And I don't want any of the typical answers, I want to know why YOU chose it. Kk thank you for participating.

Traditional ---- Modern

Abigail --- Adelaide

Brianna --- Briony

Caitlin --- Caleigh

Delia --- Desiree

Emily --- Elasia

Felicia --- Fahlin

Gabriella --- Gadria

Helen -- Hayleigh

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    Adelaide (Tell St. Adelaide, who died in the year 999...that's without a 1 in front of it...that she has a modern name!)

    Briony (I prefer the spelling Bryony personally...and since Brianna has been so popular in the US in the last couple of decades, the genteel British sound of Bryony/Briony actual sounds more traditional to me than Brianna...)

    Caitlin (I'm not super-fond of it, but it's better than Caleigh...I wouldn't know whether to pronounce that Kayley or Callie!)

    Delia (I especially love this as a nickname for Cordelia!)

    Emily (Elasia sounds like a country in a fantasy novel.)

    Felicia (Fahlin sounds like someone who's fahlin spehlign.)

    Gabriella (Gadria...doesn't that border Elasia on the east?)

    Helen (Her face launched 1,000 ships. Hayleigh's might launch a 4-wheeler or two on a good day.)

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    Don't worry about a name being stuffy and boring. It's the person - not the name. The coolest guy in school could just as easily be Ned as Ace. The biggest stiff in the world? Same deal. There's nothing funnier than meeting an absolute bore of a child named Colt or Ezmyralda. I'm very much a fan of older, traditional names. Names don't make the person, as I've said, but an adult should have an adult's name, and everyone should be able to pick their nickname - that's not really the parent's job. I don't care for the invented name, the "creeativ" spelling, the namesmush (combining two names), or girls being given boy's names. That's just not my style.

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    Abigail - I picked it because I despise the 'laid' sound in Adelaide.

    Brianna - Briony makes me think of a boys name.

    Caitlin - I hate the ly=leigh thing people do.

    Delia - I really like this one, though I prefer Dahlia or Dalia.

    Emily - To popular for me, but Elasia makes me think of Asia or Malasia. I don't think it is pretty.

    Felicia - I don't think Fahlin sounds femnine.

    Gabriella - Chose this because I love Gabriella, though I prefer Gabrielle.

    Helen - I hate Helen but I hate that spelling of Hayleigh more. I would have picked it as Hailey.

    Guess I'm traditional through and though.

    Nice question, I haven't seen anything like it before and would love to do more. And Brazen, that note about Helen/Hayleigh was hilarious!

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    Abigail - I like classic elegant names. Adelaide just sounds weird to me.

    Brianna - I don't care for either name but I dislike this one less.

    Caitlin - Again not a fan of either name. Caleigh will not age well.

    Delia - Sounds more feminine.

    Emily - Nice classic name. Elasia is weird.

    Felicia - Don't like it but it's an actual name unlike Fahlin.

    Gabriella - It's just okay, I hate the nn Gabby but it's better than Gadria.

    Helen - I hate everything about Hayleigh. I would use Helena.

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    I would choose all the traditional over the modern, and for one reason. The modern are way to hard to figure out. The only one I really like is Hayleigh otherwise no.

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    Abigail because I like "Abby" as a nick name and Adelaide to me is not only also old fashioned but is a southern state in Australia (where I live so seems weird to name a child Adelaide to me)

    Briony sounds better and I hate names with "Anne" sounds in them so Brianna is out (also reminds me of cheese)

    Caitlin...I like the name Kate.

    Delia ...although I'm not a fan of either name...Desiree sounds trashy to me.

    Emily...although common it is pretty and classic. Elasia sounds too made up.

    Felicia...not a fan of the name but Fahlin sounds too close to Falice.

    Gabriella...I just think about which I would prefer to be called and I'd hate to be named Gadria.

    Hayleigh.....because Helen sounds a bit me Hayleigh sounds more feminine.

  • Aurora
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    10 years ago

    Adelaide - I love the name meaning "of a noble kin" and it sounds so much better than Abigail..I'm not such a big fan of the nickname "Abby" either...

    Brianna - Because I love the name Brianna because there's a lot more options for nicknames, and it flows prettier with most middle names than trying to get a middle name to flow with Briony..I really didn't like the idea of somebody having a name that means "poisonous climbing vine" either.

    Caitlin - I honestly don't like the name Caitlin either, because of so many girls having the name, but I perfer Caitlin over the name Caleigh...I'm not a big fan of any names that end with "leigh"s or "lee"s.

    Delia - It sounds sweet and old-fashioned.

    Emily - A classic name that I love, despite the overuse of it by so many parents picking the name for their little one.

    Felicia - I love the name meaning, and I think it would go great with any little girl.

    Gabriella - One of my most favourite names for girls! It's angelic sounding, in my opinion, since it's like the female variation of Gabriel, the angel, and I like the nickname variations, "Ella, Gabby, Reil"

    Helen - Good old-fashion name, like what I said about the name Delia...also if someone names their daughter after Helen Keller, it would be pretty cool to tell their daughter about her [Helen Keller] when she's a bit older.

    You can see that I perfer traditional names over modern :)

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    Abigail - It's sweet and always considered classic.

    Brianna - Not a huge fan on plant/earth-like names like Briony.

    Caitlin - I just don't like Caleigh - it's looks odd (although I'd spell it Caitlyn).

    Delia - LOVE LOVE LOVE this name! Desiree is boring.

    Emily - Simple, sweet, and classic.

    Felicia - Elasia sounds weird to me...elated...eloped...all good things, but I still don't care for it. Sorry. =/

    Gabriella - Gabby is a cute nick name. Gadria sounds like a name from Lord of the Rings.

    Helen - Only because I like it slightly more than Hayleigh, they're both okay.

    Source(s): fun! =]
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    Abigail -- Although I do like both of them. Actually, Adelaide is quite old as well. I just like Abigail more, I think that Adelaide sort of sounds like Lemonade.

    Brianna -- I've never heard of Briony before and frankly I can't figure out how to pronounce it. I'm not a huge fan of Brianna, but it's not too bad.

    Caleigh -- I've never been a fan of Caitlin, especially spelled that way [Katelyn is nicer in my opinion].

    Delia -- I hate names that end in "ee," it drives me crazy. Plus, I've been a fan of Delia for a long time.

    Emily -- I really don't like Elasia, and I'm not clear on how to pronounce it. I like how Emily is simple and classic and timeless.

    Felicia -- Fahlin doesn't sound like a real name to me.

    Gabriella -- Again, Gadria doesn't sound like a real name. Gabriella is a very pretty name, and I like how it has a lot of nicknames [Gaby, Ella]

    Hayleigh -- Helen may be traditional but it is much to old-fashioned for my tastes, and I'm normally a fan of old-fashioned names. I'd never spell it this way, though, I'd spell it Haley or Hayley. I hate the whole "leigh" trend, it makes names look overly trendy.

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