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Native people What does this mean in Japanese?

折り紙は折り方見ないと作れないものもあるからね!よく折り紙に メッセージを書いて渡してたなぁ。


Also I have a question for those who are native Japanese does this video show the right way to fold an origami crane or is this the modern way?

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    I'm not a native but you might be able to bring yourself to trust me anyway~

    or at least I can give you the gist in case no one else does !


    cos there are people who can't make origami without instructions, origami paper is often issued with a 'message' written on it.

    After all, cranes ARE cute aren't they?!

    donno bout trad origami folding so that's bout as much as I can do for ye.

    besta luck ;-)

    Source(s): 4 yrs jpn study
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