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Easy self bondage tips please?

I don't have much to work with, just a few scarves and some towels. I am new to this, so nothing too complicated. I like being tied and gagged, so please help. Thank you!


and if ur not going to be helpful, please don't answer! I am serious about this question.

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    Try buying some mens silk ties from a discount store like Ross or Marshals.

    If you can buy handcuffs - freeze the key in an ice-cube tray or paper cup. Then cuff yourself with hands in front (wrap wrists with cloths first to avoid marks/bruises). Then you have to suffer until the ice melts and you can grab the key.

    Strong advice: have a sharp knife handy so you can cut the bonds away as a emergency measure.

    A good drug store will have ace-bandages that sticks to itself. Several wraps can be used as soft restraints.

    Go to the laundry asile and find those plastic clips with the soft rubber 'teeth'. Apply these to your chest or ear-lobes or other tender parts before you tie yourself up. A minute feels like a much longer time this way.

    Be very careful with gags as people have died from suffocation. A ball-gag looks cool, but is dangerous to use alone. Go to the sporting good store and find practice golf balls with holes like a whiffle ball. Thread a scarf through this and you now have a nice, safe ball-gag.

    The hardware store has small PVC couplings to let you glue two pieces of PVC together. This makes a dandy tube gag if you drill two holes in the side, thread rope or a scarf through.

    Being tied is really a two-person game. Find a friend who will tie you up and leave you alone for a while. You can find thick, soft rope at hardware stores on spools. This will help prevent marks.

    Get strong velcro in 1-2 inch widths. Make your own soft cuffs from these but leave a long 'tail' of velcro wrapped with tape (so it does not stick to itself) hanging loose so you can grab it and release yourself after a while. Add a "D" ring from the crafts or sewing stores and you have home-made bondage cuffs.

    Get a wooden dowel from the hardware store and some eye-hooks with big loops. Screw the eye-hooks every foot along one side and you have a home-made spreader bar. Buy some "Carabiners" and use the velcro trick to make ankle cuffs and tie your legs wide apart with the spreader bar. Wrap your wrists with velcro and put a Carabiner on the "tail". Attach the spreader bar to your legs, roll onto your stomach and bend your legs back and reach behind you to grab the bar with both hands. Attache the Carabiners from the wrist-velcro and you are now stuck in a "hogtie".

    Note: There is a website called "kink dot com" that has a series of videos called "Hogtied" and others. Lots of women in very contorted positions that might be of interest.

    Good luck and please be safe.

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    Bondage Tips

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    Bondage Ideas

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Easy self bondage tips please?

    I don't have much to work with, just a few scarves and some towels. I am new to this, so nothing too complicated. I like being tied and gagged, so please help. Thank you!

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    Go to There is a link for self bondage. Lots of great ideas there.

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    belts work too. wrap it around the body part you want to tie up and lay on the unused end. The pressure of your body on the belt/towel/scarf with keep it tight enough for the sensation of being tied up. Also- when your done, you just have to roll off of it and free your self. You have to be careful to not get in a situation that you cant get out of. Its kind of embarrassing.

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