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What's wrong with paying for sex?

I don't get it, If a person is honest and works hard for there money why shouldn't he pay for stuff he wants. There nothing wrong with it, but no you have ignorant people who try to brainwash you with laws and religious morals. Seriously, sex ( with an attractive female ) is hard to come by, even if you look socially acceptable. Probably the 3rd hardest thing in life, and no, sex in a marriage or relationship is irrelevant to what I'm talking about, so don't bring it up. As long as the person is doing it out of free will and your safe about it why not?? Everything in life is a business, you get paid for the services you do at your job right??

To much complexity for something rather simple, if your hungry you buy food, if your tired you go to bed, if you want sex you....................... can anyone answer my question without something that you read in the bible????


Don't bring up STD's or Pregnancy.

You don't get into a car accident every time you drive a care right??

Update 2:

Edit- Typo - care = Car

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    nothing is wrong with it, without this industry we would have a lot more jobless, hungry and homeless provides a means for people to get money..

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    If everything goes well, it CAN benefit both people, but not always in the way you mean. Sometimes a woman chooses to sell herself, and sometimes she is forced to. Generally, if a woman is in debt, selling her body is the LAST thing she turns to if job hunting, garage sales and borrowing don't work. Some women never turn down that path. Others may choose to sell themselves to support something. It may be children, men, a lavish lifestyle, or a drug habit. Still others may have had no say in it at all and are being forced to sell sex to "repay" the person who brought them there (Sex Slave Trade). I know of many strippers who are using the money to pay for their schooling or their children's health care. If a woman tells you she is selling herself for sex in order to pay her tuition, she may be lying to you, since there are many safer, and less intrusive, ways to do that in almost every non-muslim country. The benefits of buying and selling sex are almost outweighed by the possible downsides. There are about 2 countries in the world that have regulated prostitution. Outside of those countries, you may: -Get a disease -Get robbed -Get arrested -Get arrested and legally sentenced to death Learn the local customs and practices before paying cash for sex. In some places you might be better off going to a singles bar and having a 1-night stand, or staying celebate until you go someplace else.

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    technically sex should only be a means of procreation, humans and dolphins are the only ones who have sex as a means of pleasure. Well this is a more open minded and mature world so sex really isn't a big thing, with that being said i feel that it should be something of a tool used to further connect you and someone you care about. nothing religious, or morally justified in there other than it being used to bring u closer to that other person.

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    Hmmm, I'm not religious at all but you sound like a cock. Are you sure that sex with an attractive woman is the 3rd hardest thing for you to come by? What are the first two things? Respect? Dignity? Whoa wait! Sucks for you! You can't buy those either.

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    WOW! And all this time, non-Christians have been claiming to be moral, and here we have yet another evidence that atheists are seriously lacking in morals, because they think there is nothing wrong with adultery, fornication, probably any kind of sex outside of marriage!

    Go ahead and get all the STDs you want. It won't bother me one bit! (And you accuse US of being ignorant! WOW! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!)

    Why not just live like the animals and do what ever your flesh drives you to? That is, after all, what you're suggesting!

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    In Singapore prostitution is legal and regulated by the government... that means it gets taxed and the wh0res aren't dirty... win-win.

    The problem though is that if you put this issue up to a vote, people in the USA would not vote to legalize it... I agree though that it's not the governments place to stop it from happening.

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    Dinner at Outback-$45

    Movie for 2 with Jr. Mints-$25

    Late night drinks at the club-$35

    You just paid for sex dude.

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    If a woman doesn't mind being used as a tool for male gratification, then by all means let her do it. Women often victimize themselves and let people feel sorry for them anyway.

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    I don't have a problem with prostitution in theory, just in practice.

    Too often the women are victimized.

    Of course, it's mainly the criminalization of prostitution that leads to the victimization.

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    Are you KIDDING?

    do you know what happens to the people who offer sex for money? Do you know WHY they do that?

    It is NOT because they CHOOSE to.

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