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Deciding on a major: Engineering or Finance?

Both options for me have pros and cons. For finance first of all its something that I wouldn't pursue or be attached to so I would easily feel fine leaving it if I fell in love and got married (I've always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom). Besides that I would love to be able to know how to balance my finances in the future. The cons are I have basically no interest in it so I would probably be extremely bored and if I ended up not falling in love and getting married (I've never even been asked out on a date!) than I would be stuck in a dead end job probably living with 4 beautiful cats, six cuddly rats, and eating off of paper plates so I never had to do the dishes. . . ever.

If I pursue engineering I can actually make something of myself. It could be something I'm really interested in but it could also be something that is way to hard for me. This way though I'd never be stuck in a dead end job, I could pursue my dreams and actually be something other than the girl who's always pining after boys. The cons for this is if I decide to pursue a career I want to go all the way, I don't want to quit in the middle which probably means I'll never be a stay-at-home mom, heck I might not even have kids.

The problem is I feel like unless I become more independent and more of my own person I don't think a guy would ever fall in love with me in the first place. Ugh. Its such a hard choice and I'm not making it lightly, I just would really appreciate some advice. I always do a lot of research on something before I make a decision.

I'm pretty good at math which is why I've considered both these options but I don't want to go into mathematics. Please don't criticize me because I seem like a ditz just give me any advice you can. Thanks.


ps sorry this was so long I guess I needed to vent a little :P

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    If you like engineering then that is what you should do. However engineering covers a very wide range of jobs. Applied math for example is offered as an engineering major at some schools eg:

    Another interesting choice is industrial engineering:

    If you cant decide on if engineering is for you now then enroll in one of those 3+2 engineering programs and do applied math as the 3 year part eg:

    That way if engineering does not appeal simply complete your degree in math. Math in fact is the best choice as preparation for graduate school. Most graduate programs don't actually require a specific preparation to get in. However of the few that do math will give you the widest choice.



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    I learn each word you wrote. Finance is going to recollect extra advantageous on your aura. now no longer that its a non pondering interest even although its extra approximately interactions with others. Chemical Engineering is right now up technological know-how. you would be paid lots and which you will regularly act like an entire weirdo and nevertheless get artwork. now no longer which you in basic terms would desire to, you in basic terms have the alternative, ought to being weird and wonderful be an eye fixed-catching suggestion to you. No offense to the Finance crowd even although CE is often extra complicated for lots of persons. to no longer say the Finance international isn't finished of first-value women and adult men folk. i might want CE, i've got faith its a extra robust undertaking, extra rewarding, extra advantageous jobs, additional funds (ordinarily). I have no theory if it extremely is the fact.

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