Which countries governments use the system of proportional representation?

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    For those who might be confused, proportional representation (or PR) is usually used a as a synonym for multi-member districts, where each legislative district elects a slate of representatives, rather than only one.

    Germany uses proportional representation, as do Italy, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Taiwan, and many more. The Japanese use a mix of PR and single-member districts. The European Union also uses PR to elects Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), even in European countries that use single-member districts in their own national elections. Most popular in Europe, PR is not universal, among the G-7 industrialized democracies, only Germany and Italy use PR. The USA, the UK (Great Britain), France, Japan (primarily), and Canada all use single-member districts.

    Also note that PR systems are often found in parliamentary governments, but NOT always. Britain, Australia, and Canada are all parliamentary democracies, but they don't have proportional representation. Conversely, Brazil uses PR, but its system of government is presidential democracy, like the United States.

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    PR always was the most democratic method, but there are two main problems. One is that it would be unlikely we would ever see a single party government again, and two, as a consequence of that...once changed it is highlty unlikely it would ever be changed back as the rulers at any one time woud be putting themselves out of power. So short term it looks attractive...long term, no politician in his right mind would want it.

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    Many countries have a bicameral legislature, with one part being proportional, and the other part non-proportional. Would you count such a country as having proportional representation or not?

    There is a pretty complete list of bicameral countries here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicameralism

    Also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicameralism

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