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Good underground, Rap, Unkown of artist and songs?

i want some good *** music.

someone help me with some real lyrical music, none of this nonsense of music their playing on the radio. i want some real og ****. =]

thank ya.!

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    Good Underground Rap artists:

    Jedi Mind Tricks


    Immortal Technique


    Royce da 5'9"

    Blu & Exile

    R.A. the Rugged Man

    Army of the Pharaohs

    Jakki the Motamouth

    Prolyphic & Reanimator

    Black Milk


    Killah Priest





    Zion I

    One Be Lo


    Talib Kweli

    Jean Grae

    Jeru the Damaja


    Rugged Intellect

    Non Phixion

    Sick Jacken

    Cannibal Ox




    Reef the Lost Cauze


    Joell Ortiz

    Blame One

    Jay Electronica

    Little Brother

    9th Wonder

    Del the Funkee Homosapien

    The Roots

    Sage Francis

    Pete Rock

    Slum Village


    Sand People

    Aesop Rock

    People Under the Stairs


    Masta Ace

    C-Rayz Walz


    Mr. Lif


    Fat Pat


    Far*East Movement


    Good Underground Rap Artists songs:

    "Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story" - Jedi Mind Tricks

    "The Gates" - CunninLynguists

    "Daylight" - Aesop Rock

    "Love it Here" - Elzhi

    "Get By" - Talib Kweli

    "Acid Raindrops" - People Under the Stairs

    "Seven" - Army of the Pharaohs

    "This Means You" - Reflection Eternal

    "So What You Sayin'" - Jay Electronica

    "The Truth" - Pharoahe Monch

    "Evil of Self" - One Be Lo

    "Black Snow" - Snowgoons

    "Pigeons" - Canibal Ox

    "Can't Stop the Prophet" - Jeru the Damaja

    "Got Up This Morning" - Sage Francis

    "The Cause of Death" - Immortal Technique

    "Definition" - Black Star

    "Hip Hop" - Joell Ortiz

    "Rhymes like Dimes" - MF DOOM

    "L.A." - Murs

    "Lessons" - R.A. the Rugged Man

    "King of Kings" - Royce Da 5'9"

    "The Fire in Which You Burn" - Company Flow

    "Beautiful" - Masta Ace

    "Say Goodnight" - Reks

    "The Upgrade" - J-Live

    "Yesterday" - Atmosphere

    "The Matrix" - Black Milk

    "Rain Water" - Brother Ali

    "Caged Bird Part 1" - Zion I

    "B.I.B.L.E." - Killah Priest

    "Illuminati" - Tragedy Khadafi

    "Positive Contact" - Deltron 3030

    "ALL CAPS" - Madvillain

    "No Rest for the Weary" - Blue Scholars

    "Reality Check" - Binary Star

    Best Jedi Mind Tricks songs:

    1. "Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story"

    2. "Razorblade Salvation"

    3. "Saviorself"

    4. "Speech Cobras"

    5. "I against I"

    6. "Blood in Blood Out"

    7. "Black Winter Day"

    8. "Heavenly Devine"

    9. "Animal Rap"

    10. "Before the Great Collapse"

    Best CunninLynguists songs:

    1. "The Gates"

    2. "Seasons"

    3. "Mic Like a Memory"

    4. "Mindstate"

    5. "Never Know Why"

    6. "America Loves Gangstas"

    7. "The Park"

    8. "Love Aint"

    9. "Dying Nation"

    10. "Doin Alright"

    Best Aesop Rock songs:

    1. "Daylight"

    2. "None Shall Pass"

    3. "Coffee"

    4. "Fast Cars"

    5. "Water"

    6. "Drawbridge"

    7. "Coma"

    8. "I'll Be Okay"

    9. "Night Light"

    10. "Commencement at the Obedience Academy"

    Best Army of the Pharaohs songs:

    1. "Seven"

    2. "Strike Back"

    3. "Murda Murda"

    4. "Battle Cry"

    5. "Dump the Clip"

    Best Atmosphere songs:

    "The Woman with the Tattooed Hands"

    "Always Coming Back Home to You"

    "Trying to Find a Balance"

    "Running With Scissors"

    "Nothing But Sunshine"

    "Modern Man's Hustle"

    "Between the Lines"

    "Smart Went Crazy"

    "Wild Wild Horses"

    "Pour Me Another"

    "Shoulda Known"

    "F*ck You Lucy"

    "Saves the Day"




    "The Arrival"

    "Little Man"




    Best Brother Ali songs:

    "Win Some, Lose Some"

    "Uncle Sam Goddamn"

    "Take Me Home"

    "Forest Whitiker"

    "Picket Fence"

    "Star Quality"

    "Rain Water"

    "Fresh Air"

    "Truth Is"

    Best Cyne songs:

    "Pretty Apollo"

    "Electric Blue"

    "First Person"

    "400 Years"






    Best Killah Priest songs:

    "Horsemen Talk"

    "Hood Nurseries"

    "Profits of Man"

    "Gun 4 Gun"



    Best Deltron 3030 songs:

    "Positive Contact"




    Best Masta Ace songs:

    "Sittin’ on Chrome"

    "Good Ol’ Love"

    "Soda and Soap"

    "Make It Better"

    "Take a Walk"

    "Born to Roll"

    "No Regrets"




    Best Zion I songs:

    "Caged Bird Part 1"

    "Konkrete Jungle"

    "Silly Puddy"





    Best R.A. the Rugged Man songs:

    "Black and White"

    "Stanley Kubrik"


    "Give it up"



    Best Blue Scholars songs:

    "No Rest for the Weary"

    "North by Northwest"

    "Motion Movement"

    "Southside Revival"

    "Burnt Offering"

    "Still Got Love"


    "The Inkwell"

    "Back Home"




    Best Dilated Peoples songs:

    "The Last Line of Defense"

    "Another Sound Mission"

    "Worst Comes to Worst"

    "Closed Session"

    "The Platform"

    "Big Business"

    "Back Again"



    "Whos Who"

    Best J-Live songs:

    "The Upgrade"


    "All In Together Now"

    "The Lyricist"


    "First Things First"


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    First of all I LOVE ATMOSPHERE, MF DOOM AND LIVING LEGENDS :) People Under The Stairs Hieroglyphics Little Brother MURS A Tribe Called Quest Q-Tip Immortal Technique Evidence Strange Fruit Project Pharcyde Jazz Addixx All Natural Gang Starr Blackalicious The Roots Jeru the Damaja Big L Dark Lotus Wild Child Blueprint Abstract Rude Danger Doom Aceyalone Mr. Lif Sivion Curren$y (not "old school" but any song is legit) those just came to mind but if you want to email me, I have a lot of music

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    Try to just look around. Lurk in this section, the regulars have a pretty good taste in real hip hop. For instance I'll throw out some of my favorites:



    Lupe Fiasco

    Jedi Mind Tricks

    Pharoahe Monch



    Ben Sharpa



    Aesop Rock



    Immortal Technique

    Del The Funky Homosapien

    Big Pun


    Immortal Technique


    Just to name a few. Just give some a listen and branch out from there. There are way too many to name.

  • You need to look online for the websites that have mixtapes. Its the only truly underground music thats not on the radio. Artists that you know have better things that is on the mixtape scene. Artists like:

    Gucci Mane


    Wacka Flacka

    Shawty Lo


    AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST LIL WAYNE>>>I've lost count of the amount of mixtapes Lil Wayne and Gucci have....

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    SPM is a rapper that is really big in this country without radio play. No other rapper can do that.

  • Idk about underground but Blue Scholars. I live in Seattle and everybody listens to them here just cause there local but i don't know if to many people know about them outside of the area.

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    Not sure this'll help, but I like this song:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Source(s): If you wanna hurt, let Randy punt you!
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    You want good underground rap? This is fire:

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    ^^^ what a dumba$$

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