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Should the Stork Theory be taught in American Public Schools? (Details inside)?

Steve Jones, the award-winning geneticist and author, argued that suggesting that creationism and evolution be given equal weight in education was “rather like starting genetics lectures by discussing the theory that babies are brought by storks”. Panda's thumb

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    At least the Stork theory has a merit

    Storks exist

    (But ,of course not)

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    I personally believe evolution should be given a bit more weight as science and creationism given more weight as cultural invention. Combined with this, students need some sort of class(es) on philosophy, ethics, logic, and anthropology. Not necessarily as requirements or complete courses, because kids have enough on their plate as it is, but they should at least have the option of learning about these if interested.

    Saying creationism is to evolution as storks are to genetics is a pretty awful analogy, but I agree it's true to an extent. However, no serious believer of any creation myth is going to accept that their stories about the creation of the universe have as little merit as a story about a stork that brings babies when we all know how babies really come about.

    Obviously this is just my opinion, but I see creationism as stories explaining what science has yet to they're the same thing with different perspectives. Maybe this stork myth can be explained in the mythology class along with creation stories. We'll keep genetics and evolution in the science classes :D

    Source(s): Pantheist Anthropology major Took mythology in high school...though it only discussed Greco-Roman and Norse creation stories.
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    In my culture babies are bought by Madonna

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    both sexist and oppressing other cultures. here where i live CROWS bring girls.

    go figure.

    Source(s): storks only bring boys.
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    That's awesome.

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