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Cancelling amazon prime?

I recieved the amazon prime free 30 day trial so that I could recieve one of my orders the next day but I saw that amazon prime costs £49 per month and i dont want to pay this. It also said I could cancel the trial at any time but I dont know how? Can someone please tell me how (its amazon UK if that makes a difference...not sure if it does).

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    You can cancel it from Your Account page. If that doesn't work call them on their 0800 number. Amazon Prime is so NOT worth the money. I tried it and it was anything but One Day delivery - try one week for some items! Or longer!!! Oh, and if you do call them do it during the middle of the day as you'll get a call centre in Scotland. In the evenings you get a call centre in Malaysia and they read from pre-written scripts.

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    I cancelled my account from 2015 over the 800 number phone number. Guess what December 11, 2016 they charged me $107.00. Texas Nanny is not happy.

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    I think it is 49 per year.

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    5 years ago

    just had same probelham wating for refund after live chat

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