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If I was president and told Obama he can't campaign or give speeches anymore how would he feel?

Obama is basically bossing 300 MILLION PEOPLE AROUND now- taking away things we like to do- say- and places we like to work at, what are salaries can be, if a business is Union or not etc. How would he like it , if a leader stopped him from doing what is passionate to him?


How did a community organizer that most people never knew existed all the sudden become our BOSS- the guy who knows all the answers? Who has nothing in his past proving he knows the answers? I can't get past this?

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    He would run crying to the ACLU and tell the Joint Chiefs to change his diaper.

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    Wow You're really off your meds aren't you?!

    Please tell me what has been done to the Tea Partiers. Have they been shut down? Has the government come in and closed your business? Do you feel that there should be no controls on executive salaries for businesses who are only surviving on the largesse of the taxpayers? What is it that you are passionate about that he has stopped you from doing?

    Nice straw man argument.

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    You could not as president order people around in that manner. Not even people you dislike. Don't you think Obama would have decreed single payer if he could.

    taking away things we like to do- say- and places we like to work at, what are salaries can be, if a business is Union or not etc, interesting view on reality. I have not noticed that in my life.

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    Do you mean you would even think of putting limits on a citizens individual liberties?

    How crass, how un-American!

    American citizens have rights granted by God and protected by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, haven't you heard?

    Nobody can mess around with them.....NOBODY

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    What does this even mean?

    POTUS can only TRY to persuade congress and the US population, he is only the BOSS of the military.

    Even if you were POTUS, you don't have the right to make that decision for any citizen.

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    10 years ago

    There can only be one President at a time in the U.S. He won the election, you didn't. Your point is spurious because there is a reason he has that power and you don't.

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    You cant do that because he would have to start working on things and that could be detrimental. When he is flapping his jaws he cant do any harm.

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    Ever seen "Liar, liar"?

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    He would cry.

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