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Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning---Whos better?

Don't say Brady has a ebtter wr (moss) because Manning also has Wayne.

Also, Manning is better in th regular season, not much but noticably (except the one season he had 49 TDs)

Brady is also great it the regular season, not as good, but is much better in clutch games.

The colts have the best O-ine

Peyton calls his own plays.

The Patriots only have a passing game, much more obvious (pure skill)

Whos Better?

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    Brady, he's achieved more with less talent, and in different offensive systems.

    While Peyton is great, and does to a certain extent, call his own plays, what QB couldn't do that if they too were in the same offensive scheme with the same offensive coordinator for their entire career, versus having a new scheme or coordinator every couple of years.

    And while Cassel did step in and lead the Patriots to a winning record, don't doubt that Jim Sorgi couldn't do the same for the Colts. Painter couldn't because he was a rookie, much like Cassel probably couldn't if he too was a rookie, versus a player in his 3rd year understanding that offense, people always seem to conveniently forget that.

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    Seems to me you are leaning towards brady. Because you didn't mention the fact the colts Rushing attack was one of the worse in the league. would that be pure skill for Manning as well? I still go with Manning. The Patriots have gone down hill since the year they were busted Cheating. Matt Cassel Stepped in for a Injured Brady and looked great going 10-6. Says something about the Pats and the team not so much the QB. Curtis Painter Stepped in for Manning and blew the game pretty bad. Manning is the better of the two

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    Brady's better. I don't care that Manning will probably have better stats when it's all said and done. Look at how horrible Manning was last night with no supporting cast. Then look at what Brady did last year with no supporting cast. The situations are almost identical... Identical except Brady took his team to the championship game and Manning threw 6 INT's!! Clearly Peyton can't carry a team on his own the way Brady can. This should end this debate once and for all.

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    Peyton Manning is WAY better than Tom Brady. Manning is cool because he likes to confuse the defense. He makes like two running plays then maybe on the next one, he throws the ball. When Patriots went against the Ravens in the Playoffs, Brady made a whole mess of mistakes and that's why they lost that game 27-21. When Colts went against the Ravens, Colts dominated Ravens 20-3.

    Source(s): #1 COLTS FAN!!!!
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    Manning is better in almost all categories except rings and brady holds the touchdown record by one td and colts didn't play for the record patriots did.

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    there are two ways to answer this question

    one, for the regular season year in and year out peyton manning is the best id ever seen...

    but if you asking me who do i want in the playoffs tom brady is the guy.

    peyton has all the mvps and all the statistics when its going to be all said and done but his achilles heel is that he is not great in the playoffs

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    Wow every time i see this question I laugh only reason people think Brady is the best in the league is because of his rings which they cheated to get and even admitted it. Manning beats Brady every year LOOK AT MANNINGS CAREER PASSER RATING ITS SKY HIGH 95.2 is the number Bradys (93.3) is close but Manning's is higher. Manning has been in the league longer and his passer rating is higher. Brady's completion % is lower than Mannings and Manning's pass attempts are like 2000 more than Bradys. (Manning Completion 4,232 Attempts 6,531 Completion % 64.8)(Brady Completions 2,672 Attempts 4,218 Completion % 63.3) Manning has been in the NFL 2 seasons more than Brady and he is beating Brady by about 20000 yards passing. Manning beats Brady in every stat. This question is just too funny. Manning pass average is even higher than Bradys (manning 7.7 yards per pass) (brady 7.3 yards per pass) Manning one of or is the best QB ever. Sorry Brady your not even close.

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    when tom brady has no D he does not win. this was the first year peyton had a great D and this was not his first great year. peyon IS the colts brady is a good QB> hands down peyton

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    Drew Brees

  • Nathan
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    I will go with Tom Brady

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