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How to subtly ask someone if you can sleep over?

I've been invited to go to a party that I really don't want to miss, but my mum says the only way I can go is if I stay round my friend's house.

I haven't seen this friend in years and I really want to see her but this is the only time I can.

I don't want to be rude and just ask her if I can sleep over at hers so how can I drop a hint?

Thanks, Tiffy

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    You answered your very own question in such a lovely manner. As you said, let her know you have not seen her in years and you really want to see her and come to her party, but the only way you are able to make it to the party is if you can spend the night. Please explain why your parents are unable to pick you up after the party she may need to share this with her parents.

    Neither knows how much the other has changed.If you spend the night, be good.

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    well I don't think there's really a subtle way you can ask someone, other than hinting that you want to sleep over. but that's in a way manipulative...

    just ask her, "hey do you think I could sleep over, because the only way I would be allowed to go to your party is if I sleep over" something truthful, you could always just sleepover at another person's house too.

    have fun at the party! :D

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    hi tiffy try to convince your mom or it is just your friend go and ask her

    because a friend in need is a friend in deed .

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    Just be honest with her and blame it on your mom. "My mom says I can go but only if I sleep there because I don't have a ride back that late (or whatever excuse you have.)" chances are she won't mind!

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    You can say "I really want to come but Mum says she cannot pick me up....she wont be free till the next day"

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    just start a conversation off like their might be a possibility you can't go due to your mom being worried that you won't be safe

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    Ask if you should bring a sleeping bag or pajamas.

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    just tell them you can't stay unless you spend the night and she will ask her mom and then you will get your answer

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    Just bribe her. Money talks baby.

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    Maybe just say, is it ok if you stay? If she says no, then you have your answer!

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