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翻譯英文自傳!!!!!! 急~~~~

我答應朋友幫忙翻譯 但是對我有點困難

希望大家可以幫我 但不要是用線上翻譯軟體





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    Due to the reason both of my parents are hair designers, I'd grew up with meeting strangers all the time. Since the salon belongs to our family, I was trained at a young age to greet all customers with respect.

    Through the daily conversations with those who stepped into the salon, I had acquired the skill to talk to any customers. Therefore my verbal skill is polish to perfection. I can easily strike up a conversation with anyone on all topics.

    My parents busy and hectic schedual caused me to be very self-reliance. I was taught to be responsible and independent.

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    My parents think that giving me the opportunities to learn many talents will one day be beneficiary to my future success. Therefore, they sent me to many different kinds of talent classes. My favorite classes of them all is ballet.

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    When I am on stage, my ballet passion fused me to outcast my fears and want to be perfect on every dance steps. Through the hard works, I learned to be a perfectionist when I put on my dance shoes.

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    Since my childhood I have always grown up from intimate interpersonal relationship. Because both my parent are hair style designers and run their own hair-cutting saloon, naturally, I have to experience the

    skills for client hospitality. From this experience, I know well about the skills for social interaction. Clients always like flattery chatting. Of course, I train myself quite proficient in complimentary chattingskills.

    This really affects me quite much and allows me excellent eloquence and outgoing amiable attitude. However, because both my parents are quite busy in their business, I also educate myself with highly independent personality.

    I deal with everything surrounding without any worry left for my parents. I do everywhere in on my own. As such, I have learned numerous talents wherein Ballet is the one I have spent the longest effort. This talent drives

    me never to act backward on stage and makes me do everything at my best left nothing to be desired.

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    上面也有一些範例你也可以在上面問問題 ....

  • 從小我就在人群中長大,因爸媽都是髮型設計師,但自行開店當老闆,所以不免俗地我也要幫忙招呼客人,因此讓我從中學習到與人相處之道。客人總是喜歡聊天、聽好話,當然我就訓練了一口流利的說話方式,這對我影響很大,讓我能與人侃侃而談,不怕生。不過也因為爸媽很忙的關係,所以養成了我獨立的個性,凡事都不想讓爸媽多操心,很多事都得自己來。爸媽為了讓我擁有多才多藝的經歷,所以讓我學習了很多項的才藝。其中學了最久的是芭蕾,這使我擁有了要求完美和不畏懼舞台的個性,且一定都要做到沒有瑕疵才可以。

    I grow up since childhood in the crowd, because father and mother are the hairstyle designers, but opens a shop voluntarily works as boss, therefore I must help the greeting visitor not unconventional, therefore lets me study is together the road with the human. The visitor always likes chatting, listening to the word of praise, certainly I have trained a fluent speech way, this affects to me is very big, enables me to speak with confidence with the human, is not shy. However also because of father and mother very busy relations, therefore has fostered my independent individuality, everything does not want to let father and mother worry much, very many matters must. Father and mother to let me have the versatile experiences, therefore let me study many talent and skill. What its middle school has been most long is the ballet, this enabled me to have the request perfect and does not dread the stage the individuality, and certainly must achieve does not have the slight defect only then to be possible.


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