Is it ok to turn the keyless chuck of a cordless drill with the power instead of by hand?

I just bought a dewalt dc759 cordless drill. When I change the chuck, do I have to do it "by hand" or is it ok to open and close the keyless chuck with the power of the drill?

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    yes, you can do it with the power, what I normally do it do it with the power then twist the final bit down by hand, you can do whatever you want, cordless drills are mean machines and are used and build to do tough jobs, they are made for torque so a little resistance by hand will not hurt anything, your biggest concern will be to not tighten your bit enough if you just speed chuck it with the power, but for most jobs speed chucking works fine, just remmeber if your doing something that requires perfection, no slips or, high torque or weird angles, make sure you tighten it down by hand nice and tight.

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    4 years ago

    J was leading to it...but I think what he was trying to ask was if the drill had a "clutch". Most cordless drill have a clutch system on it as not to strip out screw heads. You can change the sensitivity of the drill to "disengage" if it gets too much pressure from the screw. If you are doing just drilling, then you should have a setting on there as well that will completely deactivate the clutch. If the bits are spinning in the in drill head, then its just a matter of getting the chuck tight enough, which improves with your ability to hold the keyless chuck tighter.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes we shouldn't, but we all do, grip the chuck loosely so it will spin in the hand without burning until you get used to gripping it. Depending on 'the hand' it may need a final tighten with the power off. Finally don't do it when 'Health and Safety' are about

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    do it all the time

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