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what dose 2 ohm stereo stable mean?

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    i assume you are talking about an amps comfort zone.

    if you say 2 ohm stable you mean a 2 channel amp with 2 speakers that are 2ohm to 4 ohms but not 1 ohm.

    you can use 2- 4 ohm speakers on each channel to get 2 ohms or one would be 4 ohms if the speaker is 4 ohms.

    likely the amp is a 2 channel and it can be bridged to double the power to say one sub, a 4 ohm sub bridged on a 2 chan amp will double the power going to the sub.

    here is an exercise in math.

    try 1- 4 ohm speaker or 2- 4ohm speakers, it is all math.

    in the end the 2 ohm stable means you can use 4 - 4 ohm speakers in stereo 2 per side, or 2 2ohm speakers.

    google bridging a 2 channel amp, this means using both the left and right channels of a 2 channel amp to run one or more speakers.

    all so if you have an amp look at the specs of the amp, is it 2 ohms stable stereo or what if bridged mono.

    what ohm load is it stable?

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    2 Ohm Stable

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    can we use 6 ohms speakers ?

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