where to catch ditto in pokemon platinum?

I was wondering if anyone knows where/how to catch Ditto in Pokemon Platinum?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Go inside the mansion and talk to Mr. Backlot within the eastern room of the mansion. If you have the National Dex, he will go on about how he has seen a specific Pokémon in his garden. His butler will say it doesn't exist in the garden and will then exit. Mr. Backlot insists he's seen it and then lets you go. He did in fact see the Pokémon as they are now in the garden. However, the Pokémon within the garden change each day depending on which one Mr. Backlot says. The Pokémon stay for two days so there should always be two rare Pokémon within the garden at any one time. The list is as follows

    #035 Clefairy

    #039 Jigglypuff

    #052 Meowth

    #113 Chansey

    #132 Ditto

    #133 Eevee

    #173 Cleffa

    #174 Igglypuff

    #183 Marill

    #298 Azurill

    #311 Plusle

    #312 Minun

    #351 Castform

    #438 Bonsly

    #439 Mime Jr.

    #440 Happiny

    Hope this helped


  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    They're in the Trophy Garden after you get the National Dex, but not all the time. A different "special" Pokemon is put there every day, and you need to talk to Mr. Backlot to figure out which one is there on that particular day. Save before you talk to him, and if he doesn't mention a Ditto, just reset and try again.

  • 10 years ago

    Save in front of Mr. Backlot after obtaining the National Dex, and keep talking to him/ resetting the game until he says he sees Ditto in his garden. Then, true to his word, there will be Ditto in the Trophy Garden. x3

  • 4 years ago

    go to route 218 in the grass then use th pokeradar after a couple of tries a ditto should come out

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