What do these sounds which my motorcycle makes mean mechanically?

I have recently purchased a 1979 Hona CM 185T twinstar. It only had 1127 miles under her tires when I brought her home, and now we're just pushing 1200. For a '79, I thought that was pretty friggin sweet. Like I said, it's only a 185 cc, and it has no tachometer, so I am trying to feel out it's likes and limitations. The bike only has four gears, and gets up to about fourty-five mph with no problem. Fifty-five mph seems to be stretching it a little bit and I'm guessing sixty to sixty-five is probably it's high-end limit. I'm sure it would do seventy or seventy-five, but I wouldn't want to do that to the poor motor. Everything on the bike is completely original.

Once I get a little speed going, or get the throttle open, the most noise in the bike seems to come from around the gear box. Exhaust-wise, this is a very quiet bike. Is the noise I hear most likely actually coming out of the gear box, or could it be coming out of the motor somewhere? It is somewhat of a whining noise, that of course increases in intensity and volume with the RPM.

The second noise I've noticed is something that sounds like a a couple keys jingling together. And no, the sound is not my keys jingling together. :-) It happens when the first mentioned noise seems to be at it's climax and then I drop off the throttle. I used to have a 50cc scooter, and I also used to hear this sound when I pushed that itty bitty motor too hard. However, I baby this old Honda, so I don't think its because I'm pushing the motor any harder than I should.. I hope.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on this, I would really appreciate any advice at all. I'd really like to know what these sounds could be or what they could mean, and I would really, really like to hear any tips or tricks anyone might have to give the bike a little more top end. THANKS!


Thanks for the answers so far! I will definitely investigate them! I am indeed treating the bike very gentle, in my mind, it is a new bike, for with only 1200 miles, it really hasn't been broken in.

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    Try lubing and adjusting the chain. A dry loose chain can make quite a bit of noise that increases with speed.

    Speaking of speed, a 185 twin will likely top out at 60+ mph and it won't like going that fast very long. If want a higher top speed you can try a one tooth larger front sprocket but at the sacrifice of acceleration.

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    Give your bike an oil change and check to see if the accessories are firmly mounted or have worked loose. Also check the air filter and see if there are any loose bits which could jingle in the tool box. If I were you, I would treat it like a new bike and go very easy for the first few months. Try it. You have everything to gain by being more gentle. The exhaust pipes may look pristine but they have a tendency to get corroded from within. So that too will need a little closer inspection.

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    I would change all of the fluids. A whining sound could be a chain or gears. That's very low mileage for a bike that age. I would go over it with a fine toothed comb. Sitting unused like that can be worse for an engine than constant use.

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    i'm assuming your no longer Tom Clancy, so i'm going to form actual sluggish.....If yer gonna layout and build a motorbike some thing to look at is your rake, thats the attitude that the front forks stick out. The greater rake, the greater risky at low speeds, you recognize, the chopper look. additionally the C.G., midsection of gravity is surprisingly significant. ideally, your front and rear axle could line up with the midsection of your flywheels. returned, makes it greater handy to experience. i'm assuming as quickly as returned she's construction a huge motorbike? let us know. A scooter like a Vespa or a Cushman has a motor interior the one hundred fifty cc length. airborne dirt and dust or game motorcycles selection as much as around six hundred cc's. Choppers are around 1200 to over 2000 cc's. comparable with great traveling motorcycles, that I call tuna boats. spouse's calling, I gotta pass.....

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    More top end= A change in sprockets. as to the noises have you change all the oils?

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