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What was the RT airfare cost between Honolulu and Nairobi, in 1961 dollars?

I am not a birther; I am a debunker.

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    Hi Misha, how's the Kenyan Cat doing?

    I found an article with airfare in 1960 from London to Nairobi (4K miles), a new super low fare of £165. The fare from London to Hong Kong (8K miles) was £311. Together, they are the distance between Kenya and Hawaii (11K miles), or £476. Airfares seemed to be based on miles back then.

    £1 in 1960 is £15.41 today. That's £7335, or $11,025 in today's dollars. Each person.

    Per capita income in 1959 in Hawaii was $1,863. In 2010 dollars, $13,872. Each person.

    Ain't no way a pregnant teenager is going to visit her in-laws, who are angry that their boy married a white girl when he already had a wife and baby at home, when the airfare alone would cost almost a year's income. Ain't no way the foreign student would be going home for summer break, either.

    Only for you, Misha, would I do this much math. Say hi to Mario!

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