Bus routes from the Dane County Regional Airport to UW-Madison?

I live in New Jersey, and I plan to visit University of Wisconsin, Madison for college tour during this spring break. (I already emailed to UW to know the way to get there, but I didn't receive a good answer.)

I know there are several ways to get UW from the airport. But I want to find the cheapest way like going by bus. Anyway, I would like to know what bus routes from te Dane County Regional Airport to UW-Madison there are and which bus I have to take.

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    Leave the terminal and go to the far right of the sidewalk along ALL the front doors. The bus stop is located there.

    Fare is $2.00. Be sure to ask the driver for a transfer.

    Take the 20 line from the airport (leaves on the :16 and :46 of each hour during weekdays, on the :45 on weekends) to the North Transfer Point, then switch onto the 2, using that transfer. This line will take you into the heart of downtown, including through Campus. (Look for the buildings with big brown signs bearing names like "***** Hall".)

    Personally, I'd get off at Johnson and Park, which is something of the central bus stop on campus. Don't worry, the buses have an audio announcement system for each major stop.

    Source(s): http://www.cityofmadison.com/metro/Schedules/Route... Also, 5 years at the UW, and 4 years of bus commuting through Madison.
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