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do you "shush" loud blacks in the movie theatre? what is the protocol without appearing "racist"?

what do you do when you are in a movie theatre and black people are being disruptive behind you?

how can you "shush" them without appearing racist?

meanwhile look what happen to a poor woman who "shushed" some blacks!


Moviegoer Tells Woman to Stop Talking On Cell Phone, Gets Stabbed in the Neck

The stabbing occurred last Saturday at the Cinemark 22


Updated 6:38 AM PST, Wed, Mar 10, 2010

A woman talking on a cell phone during a movie didn't take to kindly to being 'shushed' by another moviegoer. Or at least her boyfriend didn't.

In a drama that turned more lively than the one on screen, the boyfriend allegedly attacked and stabbed the 'shusher' in the neck. With a meat thermometer.

According to KTLA:

The stabbing occurred last Saturday at the Cinemark 22 theater at 2600 West Avenue I in Lancaster, according to Detective Richard Cartmill of the Lancaster sheriff's station.

Deputies say that while the movie was playing, a woman was talking on her phone and the victim asked her to turn it off.

The victim was attacked by the woman's boyfriend and another man. Deputies say he was stabbed in the neck with a meat thermometer.

The stabbing victim is expected to survive and is recovering at a local hospital. Two others who tried to help the victim were also injured, according to KTLA.

According to Sheriff's officials, the suspects were described as black males. One man was wearing an orange hat with an orange jersey and the other man was dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt.

There was no word on why the man had a meat thermometer in a movie theater.

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    Black people seem to think the world owes them a living!

    You can't be arrogant and disruptive in public places and expect innocent bystanders to just be quiet!

    I hope they arrest this thermometer-wielding maniac!

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    Listen, if you want a quiet movie theater, don't go to a racially mixed one or a black one. It's a cultural thing and doesn't really bother me at this point. It's not every time either and its not everyone. Yes there are some black folk who get very animated. My ex gf who was black used to get more pissed about than me. I actually kind of enjoy it now.

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    Racism from all races is real, no matter how racist anyone appears to be in one theater incident. Most racism takes place behind closed doors, is subtle and is insidious.

    So, don't worry about how racist you appear to any other race. Many of us who are informed will know racism is out there, no matter what anyone says or doesn't say. It's what people do!

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    Okay, I am African American and yes, a lot of people that are Black can get out of hand by acting inappropriately in public places. BUT so can other races, so please don't post racist comments catergorizing ALL of us. =)

    To avoid confrontation and violence, just alert the staff at the Movie Theater and let them handle it. They can ask them to be quiet, leave or maybe give you stubs to see a free movie. Have a good day!

    Source(s): Common Sense. People don't like confrontation; they feel challenged & a need to prove themselves.
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    Don't say anything to them. Just leave the theatre. If you say anything you will either get physically hurt or sued. Looks like an animal got out of its cage and entered the movie theatre.

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    1 decade ago

    I would do the same thing that Ii would do if they were white or chinese. Ask them nicely to be quiet

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    To the person who said "I want to live and not be stabbed!"

    It says in the passage .."The stabbing victim is expected to survive and is recovering at a local hospital.." Which means she is still alive.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If someone talks in the theater, tell them to shut up.

    If they persist, slap them upside the head.

    If they continue, pull out your piece and pop them one in the head.

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    shoot if someone be shushing me i go wil' n out on dey butt too. i gots to be answerin my phone when it rang. i don know why yall think it carzy to carry a meat thermometer around. i do it all da time specially if i goin to da kfc. gots ta have my chikcen cook jus rite.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Its better to keep your mouth shut i suppose or move closer to the screen.

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