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Your thoughts on Super League's new "State of Origin"?

Former Great Britain coach Phil Larder has called for England's mid-season match with France to be scrapped and replaced by a fixture against a side made up of Super League-based Australians. Larder believes that would provide England with better preparation for their end of season matches with Australia and New Zealand, the leaders in international rugby league.

"Mid-season internationals against France and Wales are not the kind of games that will make our young stars battle-hardened," Larder said. "They need to be subjected to the pressures that only playing regularly against the best will give."

Larder believes such a match would create an intensity similar to the one Australia enjoy with their State of Origin series and he said Huddersfield coach Nathan Brown should coach the selected side.

"A young and talented Australian coach, like Nathan Brown, given control of a team of his own countrymen would be surely motivated to create the kind of intensity that we see annually in the State of Origin," said Larder.

"There are some exceptional Australians playing in Super League and the ones I have spoken to would love to be involved in these clashes and promise to hold nothing back as long as the games were promoted properly."

Will it help England become a better team or is it just a waste of time versing these "B-Grade" Aussies? Should France try and stop this from happening? If this goes through, will it attract more current NRL players to go over there? Will it ever generate the same intensity as our State of Origin?

Share your thoughts and opinions.


When I say "B-Grade" its not meant to offend, everyone knows how much I look up to Aussie players. What I mean is that out of all the Australians playing in the Super League, only 1 or 2 would be able to make it into the Kangaroos squad- so the Kangaroos are the "A-Grade team" - and the SL Australians would be the "B-Grade" team... Nothing wrong with that.

Update 2:

Okay people are taking too much time worrying about my "B-Grade" comment, it wasn't meant the way you are all taking it so dont let it be the talking point lol

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    It's a great concept as a match, but I think Larder is barking up the wrong tree with his "State Of Origin" comparisons. State of Origin was built on State vs State, Mate vs Mate, and the intensity of the rivalry between NSW and Qld players. The Aussies vs Poms feeling is not the same, even though he's talking it up as being just as ferocious. The English players play against the ex-pat Aussies in their Rugby League comps anyway, and we all know these games are played hard and with a lot of feeling.

    I'm not saying that the Australian players in England wouldn't enjoy being in such a team, and it would be great to watch (and I think we'd win hands-down!), but we're always going to want to beat a side from England (in anything). Great game, wrong concept.

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    I don't think it would work and i'll give my reasoning why. People will only be interested in it if their team is participating. In any league you will always get stronger teams and weaker teams. What happens if a team is at the bottom of the league year after year? There would be no relegation or promotion so fans of that team would lose interest. What about away games? I just can't see supporters travelling to Germany one week and Spain two weeks later. I think it would be a big mistake if teams bought into this because if it didn't work i'm sure that they wouldn't be welcomed back with open arms to their domestic leagues.

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    This is an awesome ideal! I'd love to watch it. These aren't "B-Grade" Aussies in all cases, some are NRL elites forced out because salary cap pressures, experienced campaigners with good football brains. This would definitely help England improve and become a better team.

    That being said, the game still needs to be promoted internationally, so the games against France need to continue. I see the ESL season reflecting the NRL one: i.e. The France v England test is analogous to the ANZAC test and the England ESL players vs Aussie ESL players clash being analogous to State of Origin.

    PS: Knights, I never thought I'd hear you refer to Danny Buderus as B-Grade :P

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    I hope it makes England become a better team, like yeah sure if you want to call them B-Grade aussie players, thats your own mistake, like menzies, orford and the like can still pull out massive performances in big games i believe.

    I think France will want to stop this cause it will generate less promotion and big match experience for them.

    I cant see how it will attract more Nrl players there, if theyre going to go play in England, then theyre going to go there for the money, not because of a state of origin type game once twice or 3 times a year.

    Maybe in englands football world it could generate a high level on intensity, but it has alot of seasons before it can be compared to our famous State of Origin, and even then, i cant see it ever being par or better then our Origin just because of the level of play we see from England. =)

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    It would be a step in the right direction for the poms. They would be much harder/tougher games than those against the French and Welsh. French rugby league is a joke and really should be put out of uts misery. For rep games include a Maori, Islander or an Indigenous side.

    I disagree with the comment "B grade Aussies" as how many would be there if not for the salary cap.

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    The first Gus-ism of the year: "No no no no no!"

    The Superleague doesn't NEED a State of Origin type comp. Their competitions aren't suited to a game of this nature, due to the fact that the SuperLeague has more rounds. They also have the Challenge Cup.

    Their season is already 6 weeks longer than the NRL season. They're at saturation point! They don't have room for a State of Origin style series, and if they try to have one, it definitely won't work as well.

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    Nothing can compare to the intensity of State Of Origin. I disagree with calling them "B-Grade". Remember players like Matt King, Danny Buderus, etc. They used to be awesome players. It would hopefully improve the English team. You can't compare State Of Origin to this concept. I love the idea of having Nathan Brown as coach. Good choice.

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