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will we always live in sadness of the past and wonder of the future?

A new day is beginning, the sun is rising and the birds are chirping familiar songs. My body is weak and my eyes are heavy and I feel so unready to begin the day. I watch the hours come and go. I think about daily routines and hope that perhaps today will bring something new. I look out the window at the world in wonder. I feel isolated with responsibility and things beyond my control, and my mind becomes overwhelmed with sadness. I begin to ask myself how suddenly I got to this point in my life and what happened to my youth what happened to all the excitement I use to feel? As the evening draws near I look out the window into the sky and watch as another day passes by. With a deep sigh of helplessness I begin to clean and prepare for tomorrow. As I have come to realize that this is my life. Watching days come and go and preparing my children for the years to come. I wonder where the time has gone and how all the sudden im here cleaning noodles, washing dishes, and giving baths. As I sit and watch the first star of the night appear in the sky, I think that one day ill be here watching the same star and wonder how suddenly I have grown so old, and where had the time gone when I was chasing children, reading stories, and laughing at silly things. It seems to be, that no matter where we are in life we wonder what happened to where we were before, and don’t seem to realize the joys of where we are now. Do we ever learn? Do we ever accept the stage of life we are in or do we not realize where we are until it has passed? The sun rises and sets in the same place every day. the birds chirp the same songs every morning, and the same stars appear brightly in the night sky. meanwhile our lives are changing every second that we draw a breath. will we ever stop and observe the blessings we are living now, or will we always live in sadness of the past and wonder of the future?

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    We will always have to deal with the pain of the past, because the past is set in stone...wondering about the future is just wondering about the unknown...luckily we are emotional beings so we can get lost in the moment, if you feel pain in the past then use it to learn from your past to set a better path for the future.

    Humans are adapters, we get used to our routines and we get bored...if you want my advice I would say take care of your responsibilities, but leave yourself time to do absolutely nothing in particular...it's in that time that you will continue to live life...you need to balance your own life and fun with your social life and responsibilities. Take your free time and try new things, but don't take it to far, it's just a mini vacation from your routine, it's also good to do that because your children will respect you more when they get older.

    We all die...so why would we stop living, before our clock is up?

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    It is true unless and until we will not try to become conscious about the working in the present.

    I think, all actions of life in fact are carried out in the present, but the being never tries to become conscious about the individual as well as the collective subconscious resulting to live a life saturated with the sadness of the past and the wonder of the future.

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    The past gives us sadness because it is gone. The future we wonder about because we see its promise in the present.There will come a time when the future and the past merge into bitter-sweet as we become aware that our time is soon to be done. We stand in the middle of generations which are both receding from sight. The older ones slip away and the new ones become ever increasing as the generations deepen. Children bearing children as you bid adieu to the latest of them.

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