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How can I prepare for the AP US History Exam?

My APUSH teacher is a first year teacher and I feel like she is not preparing our class for the AP test. Her plan is to simply put notes (found of on a powerpoint and read us paragraphs out of the book. Her "teaching" consists of her reiterating what was already said in the book. Every single day, our class just takes notes over the powerpoints that she "created". When I asked her if we were ever going to do anything challenging in the class, she asked me if I wanted to do a poster. What can I do about this because I really need to make at least a 4 on this exam? This teacher is not preparing us at all for this test.


What can I do to help me make connections with the materials and think about the concepts on a deeper level? I think that skill will help me on the essay portions. I am pretty worried about those. So far this school year, we've only written 3 essays.

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    I would buy a book. There are some good ones by the Princeton Review and other publishers. Check your local bookstore or go on

    I would also recommend either making or buying a set of notecards. I sat in the car and went through notecards for literally 20 hours over spring break last year and I can tell you it helped me immensely on the exam. They are called Barron's AP United States History Note Cards.

    Also, make sure you read the chapters in your text book and take notes on them. This helps with recalling the information.

    I know this sounds like a lot of things to do, but I feel that if you go through a review book very thoroughly, spend time on notes and notecards, and do practice exams, you should get at least a 4, if not a 5.

    Start reviewing as soon as possible if you feel you are behind. Good luck!

    Source(s): Got a 5 on the APUSH exam. Studied using the methods above.
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    It sounds like you are in the tough spot of preparing yourself. Be sure to read your text book well and understand the main themese. There are several good AP US History review books. Many students also find the Barron's Flash Cards helpful.

    The key is to find one you will work all the way through. A great book that you don't use is not nearly as good as a good book that you use thoroughly. The key is to work through the entire book and do all of the practice exams with the same time constraints that the real exam will have. Then check your answers. It is crucial that you spend time understanding why you get questions incorrect and why the correct answer is right. If you do this you should be in great shape.

    I have put together a collection of the best AP review books by exam at In addition to study guides, each exam has information about the exam format and links to released questions to previous exams.

    It is important to start reviewing early and not wait until the last minute this will give you time to learn any topics you are struggling with.

    Good luck on your exams in May.

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    My AP World teacher just gives us assignments out of the textbook while he does stuff on his computer. For preparing, though, you should also check the publisher's website and see what it says there. You really just need to know the main concepts. Books on this course are also available in bookstores.

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    Princeton Review

    Cracking the AP U.S. History Exam 2010 Edition

    type that into google

    That will get you a passing grade on the exam

    and i suggest you get some adderall too

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    When I took AP Chemistry and AP Computer Science I used the Barron prep books and they were very helpful, they even helped me with the class.

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    I have a great website that will challenge your knowledge of US history. I think you might have some fun studying on it as well. Check out - play the demo game on the homepage to better understand the really helps

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