needing combat strategies for slayer on runescape?

Hello, my personal goal right now on runescape is slayer 99-all I am doing is slayer. I would like to range as much as possible since that isn't my favorite thing and the slayer will give me more motivation. I need a good guide on what npcs I should range and which ones I should stick with melee as well as general range guides for what equipment I should be using. My combat is 75 range is 51 and am using vanaka still for a while.


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  • 10 years ago
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    umm first of all i wish u luck.

    for slayer i would recommend that you have a lot of money. some tasks can be finished with a cannon which gives range xp and great slayer xp. of course it cost alot.

    if you do not have money just as well as most monster you can't cannon. first train range to 70 for black d'hide. (or wear void if you have time, recommended) by 70 range you should have 55+ slayer, at 55 slayer go buy 10k worth of broad-tipped bolts. (will cost a a little over 1 mil) that bolt has the same range strength as addy bolts only cheaper. those 10k broad bolts will last very long. (should last past lvl 83 range)

    when you can do the quest smoking kills. it will open up slayer much more.

    (currently i'm stopping slayer, i'm bored with it) i wish you luck

    btw collect charms that the monsters drop as collecting charms for summoning is very annoying. also read up on runescape wiki about the monster. as some of them will need special equipment to kill or u will not be able to kill them.

    Source(s): i wish you luck. i have stopped slayer, but i wish you luck. also xp weekend is this weekend. so get a task on friday before it and get full inv of food, plus ranging potion! and stake out at that location so that when you first log in you will not wast the first few minutes which gives the most xp to wast. good luck
  • 10 years ago

    well for you, right now i would use the msb (magic shortbow) and either iron or steel arrows along with blue dhide and an archer helm, i would stick with ranging monsters that have safe spots and meleeing ones that dont, for food i would use salmon or tuna, they are both relatively cheap and still heal pretty many lp (the new hp)

  • 10 years ago

    range on the monsters where there is safe spots.. or the higher lv monsters so u won't have to keep buying food.. use a cross bow for sure.. melle the easy monsters

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