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who do u think is prettier and has an more exotic look: amerie or alicia keys?

i think amerie is prettier and has more body and curves then alicia can someone tell me when what was amerie first cd?

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    Amerie. Alicia Keys is more of the edgy type but she has a better voice then Amerie.

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    2002 I believe, Amerie and Alicia are both beautiful women.

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    Alicia Keys looks kinda masculine, in my opinion.

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    i imagine of B's more desirable unique and remarkable and Alicia is basically rather. guess it relies upon on which seem you opt for. i appreciate each aspect about Beyonce from her seems to her variety and rather her song! Alicia is proficient too yet does no longer get me dancing around the room like a fool ..... lol

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    neither they are both terrible examples and role models for young girls!!! they call women like that soulless

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