How do I go about changing my name after I get married?

I am getting married soon, and would like to know the steps I should take to change my name to my married name: getting a social security card, new birth certificate, drivers license, etc. Any help would be great!

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    1 decade ago
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    I started with the SS office. I took my passport, driver's license and marriage certificate with me. They processed the name change and gave me a form to take to the DMV. Then I took the passport, government ID and SS paperwork to the DMV. They issued me a new license. I don't think you get a new birth certificate. I didn't. Then I used the old license, new license and marriage certificate to change my name at the bank, credit cards, etc.

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    Once you have your marriage certificate back (you should receive it within a couple weeks of the wedding) start by going to your local social security office and getting a new SS card. Then I would change your driver's license, bank accounts, and then the remaining less-important things (credit cards, your name at work, etc.). You will not get a new birth certificate.

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    Once I received my marriage certificate in the mail, I went to my local Social Security office. That is the first step - getting a new SS card. Once that came in the mail, I was able to change my name with the DMV and with different accounts (banks, credit cards, employer, etc.). I do not believe you should get a new birth certificate though. At least I did not.

  • Anonymous
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    Your birth certificate doesn't change as that was your name at birth.

    Go to the SS office first. Bring your drivers license, marriage certificate (you will get it a couple weeks After the wedding), and your birth certificate. They will change your ss #.

    Then go to the DMV, bring all your id and the marriage certificate.

    Then you can change everything else: banks, work info, insurance, credit cards, etc.

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