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Question about the Army and the TV show The Unit?

The Unit is one of my favorite shows...my question is about the Selection Process...now I know the show is fiction, however they are all regular Army or Rangers...

During Season 1, Episode 8, after a Helicopter accident, Bob Brown flashes back to his selection process. S/M Blaine and Sgt Gerhardt put the 100+ men through rigorous training to weed out the weak. At the end, 4 people, including Sgt Brown are selected. These events happened 18 months previous to the pilot episode which shows Sgt. Brown as the rookie in Alpha team, which is lead by S/M Blaine.

Now my question is this, why would they allow a rookie onto Alpha team? Wouldn't one of the members of Beta be moved up to Alpha and Sgt. Brown be put into Beta or even a lower ranked team such as Gamma or Delta, if they exist?

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    In the Special forces of the US Army the A team is the basic unit. They rotate in new "Green berets" regularly and assign them as a junior team member in whatever SF Mos they hold. In the A teams there are two of each Mos which are engineer, weapons, medic and communications. There are also a "Team Sergeant" who is the senior enlisted man and an intelligence & operations sergeant who is second in seniority of the EM's. The team leader will be an SF Captain and the team XO is usually a SF warrant officer. A teams are meant to operate as one or two independent teams of close to equal capability. Many SF soldiers are Rangers but it's not a requirement. The unit is a cool show but only scratches the surface on how long and difficult the training is. The Co exec producer is a retired US Army Command Sergeant Major and veteran SF soldier. He wrote a book called "Inside Delta Force" and his name is Eric Haney.

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    That show has its facts all wrong, if they had 100+ men, and only selected 4... it would be the Rangers, Green Berets, Force Recon, or Navy SEALS...

    The only Unit that it would apply for would be 1st SFOD-D, they select 3 out of every 100, how do I know, because my Dad was in Delta Force and retired and is now in Law Enforcement...

    But my Dad was in 3rd Rangers Battalion, and right after Boot Camp he went and applied for RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Program.) and made it on his first try as a Private...

    So when the Cadre at Camp Penelton critique you they look for leadership, strength, and moral...

    So they dont look for rank, they look for who will be a good solder, because if you pick a Captain and he applies for RIP.. he probably will have a harder time than a fresh recruit, or even a Sergeant...

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    The Unit is actually Delta Force

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    Zachiary, He replaced into in the airforce. a fantastic variety of service individuals go away the dep. they are in to hitch different branches. it truly is continuously depending on the needs of that service, and the skills of the guy. He had lots of skills in the AF rescue to activity the military recruiters in dissimilar parts. He did not walk out the air rigidity door into the most elite military particular Operations Unit without appreciably more desirable preparation. It merely would not take position. My guess must be he complete his excursion in the AF and at the same time as he were given on the point of being discharged spoke with the military about wanting to be SF. They probable defined what he ought to prefer to do, and he worked at it until eventually he made it to Delta rigidity. I have friends who're Rangers. they ought to bypass the Pathfinder direction to get that Black and Gold Tab on their fatigues. the hardest floor college to bypass in the U. S. defense force. It took one of my friends 8 yrs as a Ranger with diverse strive against reviews to bypass an interview for Delta. trust me Zach he merely did not walk into steer sparkling of and say the following i'm. You gotta educate it.

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