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What's Corey Feldman gonna do now that Corey Haim is dead?

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    He has gotta be crushed and in shock! I know both of the coreys growing up in the 80's and the movies they played in. I hope corey haim finds some kind of peace in the after life, man this is sad.

    @sexy mama, you are wrong!! corey feldman just said in a statement on access holly wood that tears were strolling down his face before he opened his eyes! AND that he misses him greatly. can't have a falling out when you have been friends since childhood. they had been talking again for a while. you obviously don't know much about the 2 coreys now do ya?

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    license to drive and to answer the person who asked what hapepened to them they had a short lived tv series called "the two coreys" and in real life, as portrayed in the show, they had a fall out of total friendship and they claimed to have said they would never work together again. When Lost Boys 2 first got announced it was said Feldman would return and not Haim because of this. but now both are in

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    Feldman's been a washed-up has-been for many years, so naturally he's gonna milk his friend's death to promote his flaccid excuse for a career.

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    I felt so sorry for this guy. He really had a messed up life. Such a cutie when he was young. At least the drug demon is off of him now but where is his eternal soul? I feel so bad for him.

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    Wow. I had no clue that he died until I saw this question. It has been confirmed on lots of news sites- suspected drug overdose. What a shame.

  • They were not close! They had a falling out years ago! Go on with his life like he has been doing!

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    Oh that's sad! I've never seen any of his movies, but I know he was big in the 80s.

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    You know that wasn't nice. He is prob very upset

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    I didnt even know he was dead but its no suprise

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