New York with £1000 ?

My friends booked us return flights out to new york.

We were planning on seening some of the east coast

We were thinking about staying in hostels, super 8, coachsurfing and all that so staying as cheap as possible.

Its really gunna be a budget trip as much as we can.

It looks like am going to have £1000 by june saved up.

Will this be enough?

(this isnt including the flights they have already been payed for.)

Oh its for 16 days aswell.

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    At the current exchange rate, that would be about $1,600 for 16 days, or $100 USD per day, and yes, you can make it but you'll have to budget. Consider staying at a youth hostel. The American Youth Hostel on Amsterdam is up by the Columbia University and St. John the Divine Cathedral. You can stay in a dormitory type room (5 or 6 bunk beds per room, and you get a bunk) for $29 per night. That is about the cheapest you can get, and it is a nice, respectable place, lots of fun, with backpackers around your apparent age. People trade information, deals, and great finds, and the dormitory arrangement is fun. They also have elder hostel there, and so there are some happy healthy older folk sprinkled in. The phone number from the US is 212-932-2300, The one problem with this place is that you really will need a MetroCard to get around because it is about 10 blocks (which equals 1/2 mile) north of Central Park on the west side, which is way north of the midtown area. MetroCards will cost you some of your money. If you are going to be in NYC for 16 days, you would be wisest to buy an unlimited ride 1-week metrocard, which will give you (as the name implies) unlimited rides on NYC subways and buses for 1 week. You will need two of these, and they cost $27 each.

    When you get to the airport and are ready to come into the city, if you arrive in JFK airport, you can take the AirTrain from JFK to the subway at Jamaica Queens (end of the line for the AirTrain) and transfer to the Manhattan-bound E Train. Take the E train to 42nd street, transfer to the 1 train north, get off at 103rd street and walk 1 block to the AYH. The AirTrain costs around $5 and the subway fare is $2.25. A taxi costs about $50, and a bus costs about $20, so this would be the best deal. If you aren't coming in to JFK, there are buses that service all the airports, and if you choose to go to AYH, you can go to their website for all the particulars of commutes in from any airport in the region.

    Another reason I am suggesting the AYH (where I stayed for 1 week when I first came to town, and so, I am familiar with it), is that they have 32 stoves, a massive kitchen, where you can prepare and store your own food. This is a HUGE money-saving thing, since eating out costs money, even at fast food places. This way, your money would be freed up for getting tickets or eating meals at restaurants you've heard of and want to go to, or for getting into museums. And now I am going to tell you a secret known only to New Yorkers: When you buy your food, go to Jack's 99 cent store. They have very good, expensive bread for 99 cents a loaf, or $1.29 a loaf. They have cold cuts and cheese (all prepackaged) for the same, and a wide variety of frozen foods like fish, pizza, veggies, and deserts, for 99 cents to 1.99, but usually $1.29. They also have condiments like mustard, ketchup, as well as cookies and chips and pop corn and snacks -- all for 99 cents, and very often the best brand names. They also have things like band-aids and deoderant and toothpaste or brushes or shoe polish -- all for 99 cents. Stuff you will need, and that can drain your budget if you have to buy them in a full-price retail store. The place is 3 stories and as big as a warehouse.

    Jack's is located on 32nd Street between 6th Ave where it converges with Broadway and 7th Avenue in midtown Manhattan. It is 2 blocks from Macy's where you will surely want to visit, and is on the N, R, V, F, B, D subway lines at Broadway/6th Aves, and on the 1, 2, 3, A, C, and E subway lines at 7th Ave. on the Penn Station stop. Go there the first day you are in town and buy your supplies. There is also a place right next door called Webers that used to be really nice, but now they just sell a lot of junk. Still, they do sell shoes, socks, and clothes very, very cheap (I bought a brand new pair of leather, knee high boots for $7.99 last fall) and sometimes you find really good things among the junk. If you have an emergency need for something and you are on a tight budget, this is a good place to look, and it is a New York experience under any circumstance.

    I am recommending the American Youth Hostel to you because it is a fun place, a nice place, and very respectable, very clean, and everybody who is there is there for the same reason. The building is an historic structure. It is a place your parents or friends would feel good to know that you were staying, and it is about the most inexpensive you can get and still be safe and respectable in New York.

    New York is expensive, but you can get around on a budget and still have a ball. Google "free New York City" and check out some of the websites that come up. There are a lot of very inexpensive and free activities here, and you can salt your splurges with cheap thrills.

    But be careful, too. Get a fanny pack or one of those little flat thingeys that velcros around your shoulder and hangs under your arm in your armpit,

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