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Which is a better bank?

Wells fargo or Chase?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It depends on what your needs are. I am a teller for Wells Fargo, and I know most accounts are free. For example, we have the College Combo for students over 18, which gets free Checking & Savings Accts. with no minimum balance to keep, and a college card if you decide to apply for it. Other accounts are Custom Management, Complete Advantage Checkings, which include a one time monthly auto transfer from your checking to savings; this keeps the account free.

    As far as Chase, I have had a checking account there for almost 10 years, dating back when it used to be WAMU. I have had no problems, except that if you want a savings account that will cost you a monthly service fee of $6 unless you keep at least $300 daily per month. Both banks are ideal if you are traveling all over the country or even overseas, both are pretty much in every state now :)

    I suggest you visit a branch for any bank you are interested in, and they will give you more info on what you need. Just make sure you have two forms of ID for Wells, these can be your DR license, school ID, credit card, or SS card. Another note, we do require $100 to be deposited into each account you open, just for the first 24 hrs in order for your accounts to activate. Good luck!

    Source(s): Teller, WFB 9 months.
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