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Should I fly to Tenerife North and take the bus or straight to south airport?

I land in Madrid on August 6 at just after 11 am local time. I'm looking to get to Tenerife South (TFS) however Ryanair only flies in the morning and Spanair has about a 12 hour wait until it flies directly to TFS. Are there any other airlines that fly there that have a flight from 12:30 to 18:30 directly to TFS? I also checked Air Europa however they are far too expensive. I tried to check Iberworld but their website was down or the company doesn't exist anymore.

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    If you elect to fly to the North Airport, there is a bus that goes from there, to South Airport, then on to Los Cristianos and Las Americas. It's the 343.

    It doesn't appear to be very frequent during the day, though. You need to check out the TITSA website.

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