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who are some gay celebrities that aren't well known?

just curious about gay celebrities that are out (or not) but not really well known to the public. like i heard that kenney chesney was gay. True or not?

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    Evan Adams

    Nick Adams (theatre actor)

    Max Adrian

    Chad Allen (actor)

    Louis van Amstel

    Mitchell Anderson

    Harry Andrews

    Robert Andrews

    Steve Antin

    Bernard Archard

    Robert Arthur (actor)


    Dirk Bach

    David Bacon (actor)

    Frank A. Barnhart

    John Barrowman

    Michael Barrymore

    Paul Bartel

    Neil Bartlett (playwright)

    Lance Bass

    Bryan Batt

    Gary Beach

    Rikki Beadle-Blair

    Simon Russell Beale

    Albrecht Becker

    David Bedella

    Paul Bellini

    Alan Bennett

    Christopher Bernau

    Michael Berresse

    Kester Berwick

    Thom Bierdz

    Christopher Biggins

    Dirk Bogarde

    Gary Bond

    Mathew Bose

    Jeff Bowen

    Daniel Boys

    Wilfrid Brambell

    Bunny Breckinridge

    Scott Brennan (comedian)

    Patrick Bristow

    Bill Brochtrup

    Trev Broudy

    Dan Bucatinsky

    Michael Buckley (Internet celebrity)

    Jim J. Bullock

    Raymond Burr

    Geoffrey Burridge

    Dan Butler


    Simon Callow

    Tim Campbell (actor)

    Richard Cant

    Mario Cantone

    Scott Capurro

    Patrick Cargill

    Logan Carter

    Michael Cashman

    Clint Catalyst

    Richard Chamberlain

    Graham Chapman

    Ian Charleson

    Christian Chávez

    Pablo Cheng

    Craig Chester

    Anthony Clark (actor)

    James Coco

    Tanner Cohen

    C cont.

    Chris Colfer

    Phil Collinson

    Charlie Condou

    Timothy Conigrave

    Allan Corduner

    Brent Corrigan

    Antony Cotton

    Noël Coward

    Gavin Creel

    Jason Crew

    Quentin Crisp

    Chris Crocker (Internet celebrity)

    Joel Crothers

    Wilson Cruz

    James Culliford

    Wes Culwell


    Ben Daniels

    Lee Daniels

    Bobby Darling

    Charlie David

    Jaye Davidson

    Eric de la Cruz

    Richard Deacon (actor)

    PJ DeBoy

    Barry Dennen

    Guillermo Díaz (actor)

    Divine (actor)

    Francesco D'Macho

    Xavier Dolan

    Casey Donovan (actor)

    Gregory Doran

    David Drake (actor)

    James Dreyfus

    Robert Drivas


    Louis Edmonds

    Jimmy Edwards

    Julian Eltinge

    Daniel Emilfork

    John Epperson

    Jade Esteban Estrada

    Wesley Eure

    Daniel Evans (actor)

    Scott Evans (actor)

    Brent Everett

    Kenny Everett

    Rupert Everett


    Jesse Tyler Ferguson

    Harvey Fierstein

    John Fleck (actor)

    Waawaate Fobister

    Colton Ford

    Anthony Forwood

    John Fraser (actor)

    Peter Frechette

    J. E. Freeman

    Leonard Frey

    Stephen Fry


    Andersen Gabrych

    Robert Gant

    Victor Garber

    Jason Gardiner

    Mark Gatiss

    Malcolm Gets

    James Getzlaff

    John Gielgud

    Jeremy Glazer

    Gideon Glick

    G cont.

    John Glover (actor)

    Jason Gould

    Nickolas Grace

    Ralph Graves

    George Grizzard

    Jonathan Groff


    William Haines

    Kenneth Halliwell

    Christian Haren

    Neil Patrick Harris

    Sam Harris (singer)

    Randy Harrison

    Nigel Hawthorne

    Charles Hawtrey (film actor)

    Andrew Hayden-Smith

    Robert Helpmann

    William Hernandez

    Mark Herron

    Edward Hibbert

    John Benjamin Hickey

    René Highway

    Bjarte Hjelmeland

    Homosexual actors

    Edward Everett Horton

    Basil Hoskins

    House of LeMay

    Frankie Howerd

    John-Michael Howson

    Tab Hunter

    William Hutt (actor)


    John Inman


    Cheyenne Jackson

    Derek Jacobi

    Michael Jeter

    Leslie Jordan

    Tom Judson


    Robert Kaiser (entertainer)

    Gorden Kaye

    Michael Kearns

    George Kelly (playwright)

    Trevor Kent

    Hape Kerkeling

    J. Warren Kerrigan

    Larry Kert

    Yevgeny Kharitonov (poet)

    Udo Kier

    Terry Kilburn

    Kim Ji-hoo

    Tommy Kirk

    T. R. Knight

    Greg Kramer

    Carson Kressley


    Robert La Tourneaux

    Adam Lambert

    Nathan Lane

    Jack Larson

    Gerald L'Ecuyer

    Rex Lee

    Reichen Lehmkuhl

    Tom Lenk

    Robert Lepage

    Terry Lester

    Stephen Lewis (actor)

    Mitchell Lichtenstein

    Ron Link (entertainer)

    Reg Livermore

    Source(s): I could only find a list for males, but here you go. All found on wikipedia.
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    Richard Deacon Gay

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    who are some gay celebrities that aren't well known?

    just curious about gay celebrities that are out (or not) but not really well known to the public. like i heard that kenney chesney was gay. True or not?

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    Richard Deacon Actor

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    James Coco was gay ! He lived in Greenwich Village on Christopher Street with his long-time partner Jack. He was never married and never had children.....HELLO ? Some people still deny this fact till this day. He is dead since 1987. In those days actors did not come "OUT" like today. He was old school and preferred to keep his private life.....private ! Today, it is no big deal or disgrace to tell the world the truth about ones sexuality. Let him rest in peace, however, it does no disrespect to pretend he was straight ! In fact, it is quite the opposite. He was a consenting adult....and is homosexuality is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, for sure !

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    matt bomer

    matt dallas

    chris colfer

    jonathan groff

    t.r. knight

    scott evans

    ricky martin

    cheyenne jackson

    neil patrick harris

    luke macfarlane

    wentworth miller

    andrew rannells

    zachary quinto

    don lemon

    anderson copper

    lance bass

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    Will Geer and Harry Hay.

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    Gaahl from Gorgoroth

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