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WoW Increasing Gearscores and DPS?

I'm a Feral Druid and very new to 80. I have GearScore and it tells me I have a gearscore of 3602. According to WoW-Heroes, my gearscore is only 1709. If the dps is the "Damage" under "Melee" in my character info, then I only have 451 - 474 in my cat form (which I understand is horrific.) I added gems and enchantments but it didn't seem to change much. If you could please explain to me how I can dramatically increase these, I would very much appreciate it! (Because I keep getting kicked out of raids..)

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    Well first things first. DPS is different from Damage. DPS stands for damage per second and is a more useful measurement then what the character tab provides. What that is is simply your white damage, if you were to hit auto attack and just stand there that is how much you would hit for. As far as increasing DPS and gearscore...

    I have never been one to focus solely on gearscore, you could be in best in slot but if you do not know how to deal damage with your character you are still worthless. A good thing to do would be to get yourself a DPS parser, I believe recount is still the standard (it is available through the curse client). Second thing to so is to read up on your class and spec, I have found the best website for learning your class if you want to take a bit of time is elitist jerks. They have a lot of useful information from spec and stat choices to rotation and group utility.

    This link is a good look at feral dps broken down.

    Also you should look into basics such as if you are hit capped or not. In raids the bosses are a few levels above you which gives you a good chance to miss if you are not putting extra points into chance to hit. HIT CHANCE IS THE FIRST THING YOU WANT TO BRING TO CAP. Do some research on hit cap for melee bc I don't remember it offhand.

    As for gearscore, once your badass kitteh dps is brought up you will be able to stay in raids long enough to get some decent gear and enchant materials. If it is not in the link elitist jerks will be able to tell you which enchants to work on getting.

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    If you do heroic 5 man with the dungeon finder on random you can get a ton of badges a day. you can get your T9 set eather in dal or the argent tourny grounds.

    And remeber as cat dps you wear basically the same gear type as rogues for stats. Fior you weapon go for the polearm that is in H TOC(Marrowstrike) and once your geared enough the polearm from H HOR (whale hunting spear)

    But all the basic equipment you need is from emblems and the top end 5 man heroics , TOC, FOS, POS, and HOR

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    Wow good recommendations each and each guy or woman.. /sarcasm? those are the two maximum overpowered classes precise now. They the two have extremely speedy heals or heat (healing by using the years) that could desire to thoroughly heal them with merely approximately no mana fee. Druids are quite versetile. no remember what spec they're they hit perplexing and heal for many. the skill to stealth is extremely useful in pvp, and to alter into dire undergo type and carry your armor is sensible against warriors and rogues. they have stuns, bashes and decelerate strikes that could desire to rape the a number of classes. Moonfire spamming is likewise marvelous in the event that they have low well-being. Shamans are loopy by using way of certainty of all their on the spot solid. they're only like a mage only without the solid situations. the skill to have a look after will improve armor by using using merely approximately double and their speedy heal makes them take 20 min to take very own 1v1. Shamans additionally get pets around sixty 8, so indoors the 70 bg's they're invincible. they could only keep casting Frostshock and that they are going to kill each and each guy or woman. Shamans have greater effective spells, yet druids can located 3 heat's on themselves so as immediately as they're hit their well-being is going back up. quite those 2 classes are the excellent in PvP on the 2nd. I even have seen shamans and druids each and each and each and each very own Warlocks in battlegrounds like they weren't something.. Taurens are extraordinary for the two, they get conflict stomp which will help a lot in BG's, and 5% greater suitable well-being, thats like a qualifications tier lol.

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    run a bunch of 5 mans and collect up marks to turn in for some decent epics

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    keep doing heroics such as violet hold, upgrade your gear from them, and save up the emblems you get and also get gear with that, dont go into raid until most of your gear is epic

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