working as a mass mutual agent?

I have just had my first interview with the company and there are a few things that sound a bit to good to be true and would like some advice or opions. First off I was told that after I sell 5 policies and earn 2500 dollars that there would be an amount of 71000 allotted to me over a 3 year time period, but was then told that it was 100 percent comissioned. I would also like to know how hard it is to generate leads and if there is help from the company with this. And one final question, how difficult would it be to work a part time job in the begging to have some guranteed income. Thanks for all your help in advance.

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  • 10 years ago
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    I am assuming you would be selling life insurance. When you sell insurance that is contracted with the buyer over time you receive what is known as residual commissions. Usually the initial commission is the largest but each following year the buyer pays their premium, you get a cut. As you develop a book of business your residuals will increase due to the number of policies you will have sold. I think you misunderstood the math in the interview and I suggest you seek clarification in you next interview.

    Selling life insurance is a tough gig after you have sold to your family. Generally these companies do have some sort of lead development but some companies charge you for these leads against your commission. As far as whether or not you can keep a part time job while you are starting is up to the employer as to their demands of your time.

    I have interviewed with such companies before and I thought most of them were a little sleazy because I was interviewed in a group or I was offered a job immediately in the second interview but in a manner that forced me to make up my mind whether or not I wanted it right away or asks for some type of fee (albeit small) for something to do with employment. If you have experienced this so far or in the future, I highly suggest you politely say no thanks and run away. No respectable company forces you to decide on the spot. Good Luck!

    If you want to be a 100% commissioned sales person, become a Realtor and be your own boss.

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    you can find it in tools on this website

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