I need a Job!!!!!!!!!!!?

i really need a new job??? Im about to get kicked out of where I stay. My cousin is raising my rent even though he knows things are hard for me right now. As far as jobs, I've done pretty much everything. walked all of new york. made several different resumes for each job. craigslist. monster. career builder. I need a personal reference. Is anyone hiring in New York. I have a ton of experience. Resume and Cover letter. Anyone have any leads? No joke answers please.


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    I feel your pain. The company I worked for, for over 20 years got bought out and the new company laid off over 80% of us. I've been without a full time job for over 3 years. I had never been unemployed for more than 3 or 4 weeks before.

    Sign on with temp agencies. You may not get steady work, but you should get stuff here and there and most of it usually ends up getting you more weekly pay than unemployment. Some temp jobs can lead to full time work.

    Also, you should have a not for profit job agency in your area. Here in California they are located at the unemployment offices, since the unemployment people really don't work at the sattelite offices anymore, but at the main offices in Sacramento and Los Angeles.

    The job assistance agencies at the unemployment offices work differently since each one is a different company. I am lucky enough to be in a county were the people actually do their job. They will assist you with resumes, give you tests (WorkKeys is starting to get huge right now), help you put together a resume, give you copies of your resume on resume paper, use of computers and other things. If you are able to find a job lead they even put together a panel to give you a test interview to help you. You have to keep in touch with the counselor they assign you, but that counselor should email you leads that they find out. Sometimes these agencies receive job leads that are not put out to the public and notify of you job fairs, etc. Some of these agencies have also started up an intern program where THEY pay you to work for a company. The internships are usually 32 hours a week and last about three to four months. They are beneficial to both you and the company, since you are getting some experience and keeping your skills up and the company gets a freebie employee. The pay you receive: if you are receiving unemployment they pay you minumum wage or match your benefits, whichever is higher. If you are not receiving unemployment it is generally minimum wage.

    Contacting companies directly is starting to get tricky. Some are now calling the police and filing charges of trespassing on people. Do not got shanhaied into attending one of these schools. They are sham. I do not know one single person (including myself) who went to one of these to learn a new trade who has gotten a job in that trade. The schools do not assist is helping you find work, regardless of what they say. They level of help is you bring your resume and the number to fax it to and they'll fax it for you. I can do that at Kinko's, and Kinko's has better parking.

    I wish you all the luck in the world, my friend. It is ugly out there and getting uglier every day.

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    I wouldn't trust anyone trying to get leads on here and I wouldn't trust anyone offering leads on here. What you may need to do is to look at different areas or try following up with a phone call. Are you going to companies directly? Can you ask around in family and in your contacts like old school alumni?

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    Okay, forget the websites, you are out of time my friend. I was in a jam just like you, and I got out the yellow pages and started calling companies that were a good job fit. I asked, are you hiring? If they said "yes" off in my car to apply. I did get a job. It was a lousy job, but it did "save me" for the time being.

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    try snagajob.com

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