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Who is more attractive Katy Perry or Megan Fox?

Please give detailed, intelligent supporting arguments on why you made your choice.


I myself am a KP kinda guy. Some people said Megan Fox has a "fake" look to her. This is dead on (IMHO) One person said "With Perry, she exudes the confidence and aura of one who has taken the time and care to prepare herself to look good." I could not agree more.

All of my friends call my weird for finding Katy more attractive then Megan. She is such a unique beauty to her.

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    Katy Perry, by far. There is something that is so glamourous about her, that is a throw-back to the 30's and 40's. She is elegant in her dress and make-up, and even when her outfits are "over-the-top" there is a sophisticated edge to them that says she is a glamour-puss.

    Fox, on the other hand, has no problem draping a skimpy dress on herself, not seeming to care if her breasts are showing because of a "wardrobe malfunction, and I have found her behavior and comments to be somewhat "crass" and border-ling vulgar during appearances on American talk shows.

    With Perry, she exudes the confidence and aura of one who has taken the time and care to prepare herself to look good.

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    I never thought I'd confront such a difficult question to answer. I like both Katy Perry and Megan Fox.

    Katy Perry has large boobs, large eyes and curviness. Megan Fox has sexy eyes and I liked her in Jennifer's Body.

    I think Megan Fox is more attractive because when questions come up on this section like "Who is the hottest girl in the world?", Megan Fox is in a lot of the answers.

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    Megan Fox

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    I think Megan is more attractive, but I like Katy's personality SO much more. Megan seems a little conceited.

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  • Anonymous
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    Megan Fox is overrated Im sorry.

    Other than that from seeing Katy Perry on that Proactive commercial she looked beautiful !

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    Megan Fox.

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    1 decade ago

    ppshhh... Katy Perry fashow! She is hella gorgeous.

    Megan Fox is hot yes, but her personality sucks.

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    Katy Perry because she's less of a skank who's not just famous for her body. Megan fox really doesn't have much of a purpose as an actress. I mean all she really does is prance around and short shorts and brainwashing all ready brainless enough males. Isn't that what porn is for?


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    Megan Fox i never heard of katy perry

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    I couldn't make a choice (I don't know who Katy Perry is, don't blame me I just don't keep up with the times). I think that Fox is overrated though. She has a Beavis and Butthead forehead and I don't like the way she has her mouth open like the answer said catchin' flies.

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