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What Can I Feed a Timor Monitor Lizard?

I have recently got a Timor and i feed him pinkys and fuzzies and crickets but they suck

can i feed cooked turkey meat or any suggestions?

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    Timors are beautiful animals. They are also very intelligent and can be target trained. Click on my link list under sources and you'll find several videos and info about training them.

    Here is a compilation of sites: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=tim...

    They will also eat different types of cooked eggs-scrambled, boiled, with shell or without, fried, mixed with ground turkey or chicken, tuna, etc.

    Work with it. Remember monitors have a pineal eye and so best to approach them slowly from front and under until they begin recognizing you and non-threat to them.

    I have a black dragon monitor-unknown until about 7 years ago...it was only legend. She is a baby.

    It looks like both you and I have our work cut out for us.

    Don't give up!



    Good luck.

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    Crickets and fuzzys are best. Forget about feeding anything else since your already feeding an optimal diet. Now let me congratulate you on picking such a horrible captive :) Timors are some of the most skittish varanids one could possibly get and ive never known of a keeper keeping them longer then a year before they get rid of them for something they can actually see. When kept properly you wil NEVER see your Timors. They bring an new meaning to the phrase "empty cage syndrome". Good luck with them.

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    I wouldn't cook any of it's food. Cooking food destroys vitamins. It is ok to feed them raw chicken, or turkey. No beef or pork. MIce or avians are good. But less mice this can lead to fatty liver disease. Raw turkey mixed with bone meal. The leaner the better. And, mostly insects. The smaller monitors are mostly insectivores. You would be surprised what feeding insects will do for their diet. Be careful what kind of fish you feed. Some fish contain Thiaminase. Thiaminase breaks down Thiamin/B1. It can lead to deficiencies and is found in more freshwater fish. Cod, Haddock, Trout and salmon are some safe fish. Tuna contains thaimin, so use it sparingly. You can also feed snails, Dubai or lobster roaches, meal worms, or super worms. But, sparingly they can be fatty. Earthworms are a good source of protein without a lot of fat. Most invertebrates are a good food source. Here's a link for Bosc monitor feeding. It would work with timors.


    Source(s): I own a 1 yeard old Bosc monitor.
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    He can have small, boneless pieces of raw chicken or fish by itself or even dipped in raw egg. No cooked meats.

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