Toilets and sinks bubble and tubs fill with water?

We have rented a 75 foot snake 2 times and plumbing will work for a few days after using the snake then back to the stopped up plumbing. We have r own septic tank. We have had it pumped with in the last week. We have made sure the snake is coming out into the septic tank. We can open the clean out under the house and the water all drains so we believe the clog is in between the house and the septic tank. What now???

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    You say you rented a snake what kind of head did the snake have on it ? You probably have roots in the line so you need a cutter head on the snake . Other wise you just punch a hole thru the clog until the toilet paper ect. does it again . Most rental shops wont rent a snake with cutters because of the liability , they tend to snag and either break the snake or the opperator .

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You know this sounds like an issue of a tree root or something growing in the line and the pipe may be ruptured and have the tangle in it.

    You would hae to extract the entire pipe from the ground, check the pipes, then reconnect the entire system. You could have a clogged leech field system also, these are the pipes that go out into the ground and dissipate the water and overflow so the septic can drain if full.

    Then the thing you need to do after all this is done use some septic treatments and keep the system drained every so often.

    Make sure the pipes are run correctly also if they do not slop the way they are supposed to, you get back up and you get failure to drain also.

  • sgobbo
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    4 years ago

    The sink drain is linked to the bath drain in the past the two connect with the considerable. the two have a plumber snake the bath drain via removing the overflow faceplate and stopper assembly or snake the element your self. you will possibly locate the clog interior of approximately 10 feet of the bath drain. the bath drain connects to the considerable in a distinctive place than the bathroom drain (closet bend). Mayan is incorrect which you pick a rest room snake because of the fact it is going to possibly no longer be long adequate even though that relies upon upon how a ways the bath is from the bathroom. bathroom snakes are very inflexible and extremely super diameter. additionally, bath drains (and your sink drain) are cleared via utilising the bath overflow pipe and not via utilising the drain interior the backside of the bath. i does no longer waste my time with drain cleaners because of the fact snaking precise in basic terms takes approximately quarter-hour. handbook rotary 25 foot ones could be bought for decrease than $12 and ones which you are able to use a variable-speed, reversable electric drill with are approximately $35. And in the journey that your bathroom is flushing and draining precise, then your considerable drain would not have a clog as somebody stated.

  • jdq240
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    you most likely have broken pipes from drains, to septic tank... time can take a toll.. only thing you can to is use a larger size snake, if it is a large clog, should do the trick, but seems like you've tried ..

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  • Tom
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    1 decade ago

    Probably broken pipe or roots in the line. You can dig until you find it or get a plumber with a camera on a line to find out exactly where the problem is.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It should stay clean for longer then a few days. You may have a hole in the sewer pipe somewhere and roots are growing into it and catching debris.

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