Is there anything close to the levitating stand used in the movie avatar?

In the movie Avatar the guy uses an interesting device that is in his office that levitates the there anything close to it that i can buy?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is a levitating top that will float above the surface of a magnet, which is stable only as long as the top is spinning. I'm not sure if that was ever made into a toy. There are also dynamically balanced magnetic levitators that rely on a sophisticated control computer to keep the object in place, but again, I'm not aware of any such things being developed into toys.

    If you have a superconductor, a powerful magnet will float above it. I saw this in our lab, when a summer student gave a demo. The downside is that you need liquid nitrogen to chill the superconductor, and the tiny rare-earth magnets only float a few mm above the surface - not too impressive.

    Finally, there is the beach ball trick. If you get a hair dryer, and blast the air upwards, you can levitate an inflatable beach ball or balloon. The ball will stay centered in the stream of air. If you got a light, painted styrofoam object, you might be able to levitate it by the same principle.

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