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What are some break up songs?

I need to know some good songs about break ups. any suggestions?

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    All By Myself - Jamie O'Neal

    Incomplete - Backstreet Boys

    Better In Time - Leona Lewis

    All Cried Out - Allure & 112

    Apologize - One Republic

    Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie

    Burn - Usher

    Cry Me A River - Justin Timberlake

    Don't Speak - No Doubt

    Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

    Dreaming With A Broken Heart - John Mayer

    Dying - Five For Fighting

    Broken Vow - Josh Groban

    Everybody Hurts – REM

    Everytime - Britney Spears

    Happy Ending - Mika

    Yesterday – The Beatles

    How Can You Mend A Broken Heart - Marvin Gaye

    If I'm Not In Love With You - Faith Hill

    It’s A Heartache – Bonnie Tyler

    Goodbye - Secondhand Serenade

    It's Not Over - Secondhand Serenade

    Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley

    Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt

    I Miss You – Incubus

    Like A Knife - Secondhand Serenade

    Look What You've Done – Jet

    My Happy Ending -Avril Lavigne

    Nothing Better - The Postal Service

    Take A Bow - Leona Lewis

    The Trouble With Love Is - Kelly Clarkson

    Slow Dancing In A Burning Room - John Mayer

    Scars - Papa Roach

    World Spins Madly On – The Weepies

    Your Love Is Just A Lie - Simple Plan

    I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

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    on my own returned (clearly) - Gilbert O'Sullivan customary Hurts - unhappy Cafe cover and seek for - Imogen Heap thank you - Dido entire Eclipse Of the middle - Bonnie Tyler Angels - Robbie Williams do no longer! - Shania Twain exchange - Sugababes She Falls asleep area 2 - Mcfly She Cries - Jewel Kissing you - Des'ree Little Love - Aaron the top Of the story - The Postmarks shop on with me domicile - Sugababes long gone - N Sync stable life - Francis Dunnery i'm going to be There - Sade i'm going to stand by potential of u - Pretenders or by potential of females Aloud i choose for Love - Elton John in case you at the instant are not the single - Daniel Bedingfield Make This go On continuously - Snow Patrol Chasing autos - Snow Patrol Kiss From A Rose - Seal while day will become nighttime - Busted it is all Coming returned To Me Now - Celine Dion Love somebody - Robbie Williams eternal Flame - The Bangles tell her this - Del Amitri Your music - Elton John or Ewan McGregor

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    You Deserve Nothing and I Hope You Get Less by Blessthefall and The Breakup Song by American Hi Fi

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    Heart Heart Heartbrake by Boys like Girls

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    hot and cold Katy perry or potential break up song by aly and aj

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    this is good if you want to get over it, its the entire Subliminal Verses albums by Slipknot

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    Way Away - Yellowcard

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    break up

    by Mario

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    walk away by paola beanda (:

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