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Eliza Gibson Joiner 1920 and 1930 Texas.?

Anyone with a real interest in Geneology, this is for you!

I'm doing research on my paternal line and I'm trying to locate a 1920 census record for Eliza Gipson/Gibson (my Great-Great Grandmother)

This is an African American family, but they have been listed as Mulatto on another census record.

Her maiden name was Campbell...She married Phillip Gibson, and was widowed before 1910.

I have located all other records for this family prior to 1940 (of course 1940 isn't available), and 1920 & 30 are the ones that I am having trouble locating. I'm hoping that someone with fresh eyes could help me locate it. The name is most likely misspelled or I'm over looking the record.

Eliza or Liza b. abt 1863 in Georgia. I'm almost 100 percent sure that they would be living in Fort Bend County or Austin County, Texas.

she had about 18 children:



Hezekiah (H G)




Mary Ann







Lillie Mae




Ruby Lee

I'm not saying that all of these children lived with her in 1920, but some of these names may appear as members of the household.

As of 1910 Roxie, Joe, Adeline, and Grace were living in the home. Per family members these children were the oldest of the last 8 or so kids.

Eliza did remarry after her first marriage to a man named Robert Joiner of the Carolinas...he should be shown as her husband in 1930, as they married in 1925, Fort Bend County.

I have been using, rootsweb, Texas GenWeb, and Family to conduct all of my research.

I am well versed on websites dedicated to genealogy, so please if you're going to list a bunch of websites with no explanation, that's not going to be much help to me.

Thank You in advance!


I have an extensive family tree with 2 years worth of research on it, using's World Deluxe Membership.

I also use (a program used by the Mormon Church) which has an excellent index and also death certificates for Texas Residents from the early the late 1800's to 1976...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Are you relying only on their indexes for searching? Don't think all the pages of any census are scanned and uploaded either. Some are torn and missing bottom entries, some are so faded they couldn't be scanned.

    I have found people going back to doing it the microfilm or microfiche way, with Ancestry...looking at every page of every township of a county/parrish in a state I believe they should be living, not using the index.

    With Ancestry I have found families using children's names in an index search. They were in their parent's household but the parents were not listed in the index. I have also found a daughter's parents living in her and son-in-law's household and listed with son-in-laws' surname. I have also done first name only with year of birth in county they should be living.

    I did my tricks and didn't find anything sorry.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Using, I couldn't find any entries for a Eliza, Liza, Lizzie, or Elizabeth Gipson or Gibson who was born in Georgia in 1863 and who in 1920 was living anywhere in Texas. You've no doubt searched the same census records I have, so you probably know how census takers would more often than not mispell names. Did your great great grandmother possibly have a completely different nickname from any of these?

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    1 decade ago

    You could build your family tree on for free and it will connect you with matching information in the network. Good luck!

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