Want to ask you high school girls something?

what is it about jocks that you find appealing?

sure they might have lots of muscles, abs and the good stuff, but don't you care about his attitude?

do you just like their cocky and fearless attitude?

what about nice guys?

im a average semi athletic guy, slightly introverted but still very nice to people :)

any tips on how a guy can get your attention? without having to turn into a jock myself? and the girls im talking about are cheerleader/athletic type :)



yeah I guess social status is an issue

but then again how would you be popular if you hung out with guys with bad attitudes?

well another question...

what makes a guy "fun" to be around with?

Update 2:

thanks for pointing that out @ 3rd post..

yeah there are alot of beautiful non athletic/cheerleader girls, but they are just harder to notice in a crowd :(

but yeah I try to keep my eyes peeled

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  • 10 years ago
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    itis kind of their 'cocky fearless' attitude. at my school, most of them are funny and loud (but loud in a good way) and they just seem fun to be around

  • 10 years ago

    um i just want to say that not all cheerleaders are shallow but alot are and you should understand one thing if you are the semi athletic type whats wrong with being with a semi athletic girl what about nice girls? so they have to turn into cheerleaders to get your attention. thats just something to think about

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i think its social status.

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